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Congratulations Ko! 🎓
Oaks College | B.A. Computer Science
B.S Technology and Information Management _________________

Just got a sneak peak of @UncleDrewFilm. @kyrieirving @shaq @realchriswebber @naterobinson @reggiemillertnt @lisaleslie did a hell of a job!!! I was dying the whole movie. Make sure you check it out June 29th.

Star of the Week 💫 ...shout out to @crocs

Imagine If I Never Met The Broskies 🤘🏽


2002 Doggystyle Presents @snoopdogg

Love this dude like he’s my Blood 🙏🏽

Life is crazy.... So yesterday my Son came home from basketball practice & I asked him how it went, he replied it was ok . I asked him why just ok...He said because I think everyone looks at me & expects me to be a lot better than I am because I’m Tyson Chandler’s Son ... I said come on let’s take a ride. I took him to In & out ( Which is his favorite place in the world and where we have all our heart to hearts)
I said let me tell you a story. When I was 9 years old I started playing basketball at this place called the Hernandez Center and I wasn’t very good at all. At games I wanted to quit bcuz I would get so nervous before & during games it would give me anxiety. Then I told him I would get so nervous because I didn’t want to let my teammates down...especially this one kid named Chris, we used to call him Neil. I told him of a Championship game that I had & how I kept missing every shot and Lay-up...so at Halftime I told Neil (Chris) to stop passing me the ball.... He Was the best player on the team he was REALLY good ......he’s like Little Isaiah on your team...Neil told me no I’m not gonna stop passing you the ball bcuz I BELIEVE IN YOU and your going to be good and everyone sees it... So then I told my Son...I know you have me as a Super Hero in your head...and I Love You for that...but I was not that good when I was younger...and I had this exact same experience when I was nine years old...and when Neil told me this...it was a defining moment in my basketball life...then I said...your gonna always have expectations placed on you bcuz you’re my Son...but you have to play the game because you love playing it for you...don’t worry about others.
It’s crazy that I would see this picture a day after I told me Son this story...
I want to thank you for posting this throwback pic Neil...because you literally brought back a defining moment in my life...Thank You for believing in me...and Thank you Coach Magic for always saying “Tyson Chandler” is an NBA name.

It Was all A Dream...

Vintage High School @vanityfair shoot

Dominguez Dons

You know how we do! #D-High
#Repost @playerstribune ・・・
Let the good times roll at The Players' Night Out.

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