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Tyson Lucas Music  Tyson Lucas' "We Just Want To Be With You" and "Lessons Learned" are now available on all digital music outlets

Today as we as a nation stop to remember and thank all who have served, who are currently serving and those who will serve in the years to come WE THANK YOU.... This is my great grandfather Lance Corporal EG Friske 2/28 Battalion 9th Devision Australian Infantory Forces who left his wife behind to serve for our freedom, luckily he returned unlike so many who didn’t return to their loved ones 💙

I take great pride in marching today as an Airforce Cadet... LEST WE FORGET

Happy Easter everyone on behalf of me and my family I hope you all had a great day!! Here’s a photo of my Easter with my family on Magnetic Island today!! 😊 #timeofmylife #family #easterbunny

Petty excited house we have this afternoon.... I just got my first REAL job... don’t worry Music is still number 1 but it doesn’t pay the bills! Time for me to grow up and learn what life’s all about! YIPPEE😊

Thank you so much for having me on the show this morning triple T, had an absolute ball! #ihaveafaceforradio #timeofmylife #itsoktobeme

Ohh lord 😬😂 Ha ha this photo showed up in my mums memories today, shows that I have had my black hat for a fair few years now, it’s not just something I started to wear when I started to sing! It’s always been me. This is me this is who I am! 🤠

Well that’s a wrap as we just got home from another big Tamworth Country Music Festival.
Thank you to everyone who asked my to join them on their shows this year! It’s a privilege to be able to support you and I appreciate the support you give me. 🎤

This has been my biggest festival yet. To my family thanks for putting up with the heat of the festival, some days were really testing us 🔥

It was great to catch up with the many friends & many new friends that comes with Tamworth. Some of these people we only see at Tamworth because we are from opposite sides of the country, so it’s always great to see them.
To the people who came to each of my shows, thanks for your support!
See you next year Tamworth!
#tcmf2018 #timeofmylife #favoritetimeoftheyear #familytime #supportaustraliancountrymusic

Sorry for the Late post ran out of data just as I posted this at 11:00 lastnight!!

EP launch 1:00pm Southgate Inn Tamworth!! Come down and say g’day!! 😃😃🎤🎸

Can’t wait to be on country cocktails!! 😊🎸🎤

💙💙This saddens me to no end to hear that another precious life has come to an end because of Bullying..... Let’s send a message to the world that this has to stop.
This is one of the reasons behind my song “Its Ok To Be Me”, my mum came to me with the idea of writing a song about the pressure society and bullying puts on people to live someone’s else’s idea of what you should do with your life and not what makes you happy! 💙💙 Having just finished school, we totally understand how bad bullying is in what should be a nurturing environment!
Our Deepest condolences go out to Amy Jane Everett’s (💙DOLLY💙) family and the families who have been also affected by Bullying!
Let’s all wear Blue for Dolly today! I am also wearing my Akurba...As Dolly was the little face of Akubra when she was 6 yrs old.
#stopbullyingnow #dollysdream #ripbeautifulyounglady #itsoktobeme

Tamworth Country Music Festival starts in just over week, here is my updated Gig Guide. #tmcf2018 #itsoktobemelaunch #timeofmylife #supportaustralaincountrymusic

Well we are are officially on our way to the Tamworth Country Music Festival, it’s my favourite time of the year....This is where I feel at home!🎶 See ya there Folks 👍🏼 #itsoktobemelaunch #tcmf2018 #timeofmylife #supportaustraliancountrymusic #firsttimedrivingallthewaytotamworthinmyowncar

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