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Ty Schmitt  Landscapes and storms of The American West 📍 Tornado Alley

A little too close for comfort. (Not that there is ever much comfort on a good chase day.)
Broken Bow, Nebraska

Watching this creature crawl across the plains in the middle of the night was otherworldly. Not a soul around for miles in this stretch of the Texas Panhandle. 4/5/19

“Why do you chase storms?” Because I lived in a storm for too many damn years of my life. I learned the hard way that when you’re healthy, and you have the opportunity, you had better take advantage of it. Most of us will sit around saving, thinking, planning, dreaming of what it’s going to be like when we are finally living out our dreams. And that’s as far as most will go. **From personal experience, I wouldn’t recommend waiting until your life flashes before your eyes to start pursuing your hearts desire. Start now.

I almost missed this day.
Living out of the back of my truck over the course of a few months had really started to wear me down. I had a bad stomach flu the day before, and 15,000 miles of chasing without seeing a tornado was weakening my spirits to say the least.
The images roll onto the Instagram platform with ease, but real life chasing is much different. It has the ability to frustrate and exhaust one beyond their wits’ end. But if your willing to stick out a few more failed chases and deal with the mundane and slow days we often get on the plains, Mother Nature will give you a show beyond your wildest imagination.
This was a 9 tornadoes in an hour type of day. Also a softball size hail across my entire truck type of day. It was a reminder that after our will has been tested, the reward tastes so much sweeter.

First chase of the season.
Perryton, Texas 3/27/19
Music by @deftones

I’ve been blessed to make it 33 years on this earth today. My life has been filled with such drastic contrasts, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the perspective it’s given me.
Thank you for your constant support of my art over the years, the gift of photography has brought so much meaning to my life. Swipe 👉🏻 for the rest of the storm. ⚡️

Mammatus Display

There was a sense of freedom I couldn't describe to my family or friends. The connection I felt to the landscape around me immediately started to reshape my life. It was if I had a new set of eyes to see the world, and a new body to dance among life's playground. ...
There is great power and renewal on these open roads of the Northern Plains. Swipe 👉🏻 right to see the rest of this storm churn across the grassland.

There are no short cuts out here on the plains. No pathways to the perfect composition. Just hard work. Long days. And the occasional short window to capture nature in her rawest form. Swipe right 👉🏻 to see the rest of her glory.


I can feel my heart
Trying to speak to me
I’m listening through ears
Molded by societies guidelines
“Go deeper” she asks me
“You know you are unique
You will not fit the mold
Even if you try
The world needs you to be you
And I need you to be ready now
You’ve let too many tomorrows
Pass you by”

Sometimes she’s the only one who hears my words. She knows the truth, even when I’m too weak to speak it. She sees the pain behind my eyes, and the love that radiates from my hearts desires. There is no hiding who you are when your exposed to Mother Nature in her rawest form. So I hold my hands high, and I embrace her teachings with open arms. I renew my spirit. I let my soul breath the fire that societies rules and restrictions have sucked out. I feel what it’s like to be a human with only ancestral knowledge, no phone. At last, I feel a love that nothing in the city has ever shown me, a connection to the great unknown.

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