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Ty Schmitt  Landscapes and storms of The American West 📍 Tornado Alley

I know what it’s like to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank, and have zero purpose in this life- zero will to live. I know what it’s like wake up, and be dead to the day before it has even begun. For many years, I spent my life completely checked out to all that exists. ...
I also know what it’s like to be thousands of dollars in debt, and living with a passion, purpose, and desire that could burn down anything in its path. I know what it’s like to be connected to the Earth, Great Spirit, and humanity with loving arms spread wide open. I have fully felt spiritual abundance, and a connection to God that goes beyond words.
I have yet to know what it’s like to have a balance of both. To live out a passion and dream that in return fully funds my everyday needs. I do know it’s what my future can hold (if I choose so.) I know that with true faith, a disciplined mind, and open heart, I can thrive in this world the way I was designed to. I know that this time around, I will not take for granted the gifts God has blessed me with.
Thank you for the picture @plantifulsoul .. I don’t have many of myself, so I greatly appreciate it!

We’re all enjoying the calm before the storm out here on the plains at the moment. Bright blue skies, pool weather. Life is good. That will be changing shortly as the severe weather threat ramps up starting this Friday. Next week looks WILD.. Praying everyone stays safe, and takes the warnings in their area seriously.

There are people and places who have an inspiring Instagram presence, but just don’t do much for you in real life. I find it to be the opposite out here on the plains. Every storm, every old town, and a lot of the people I come by, have so much more to offer then any image could possibly show. Character & authenticity are still alive when you leave the city lights.
Sudan, Texas

A couple clips of yesterday’s chase by @loganlambert . Excited to share a new video we have been working on this season. Song by @camelphatmusic

The West Texas sky is sculpted by the howling wind. In that moment, I can’t help but be grateful for the way this land has also shaped me.

Green Valley, Arizona

Chico, Texas
One of my all time favorite songs by Fuel - Shimmer

A little too close for comfort. (Not that there is ever much comfort on a good chase day.)
Broken Bow, Nebraska

Watching this creature crawl across the plains in the middle of the night was otherworldly. Not a soul around for miles in this stretch of the Texas Panhandle. 4/5/19

“Why do you chase storms?” Because I lived in a storm for too many damn years of my life. I learned the hard way that when you’re healthy, and you have the opportunity, you had better take advantage of it. Most of us will sit around saving, thinking, planning, dreaming of what it’s going to be like when we are finally living out our dreams. And that’s as far as most will go. **From personal experience, I wouldn’t recommend waiting until your life flashes before your eyes to start pursuing your hearts desire. Start now.

I almost missed this day.
Living out of the back of my truck over the course of a few months had really started to wear me down. I had a bad stomach flu the day before, and 15,000 miles of chasing without seeing a tornado was weakening my spirits to say the least.
The images roll onto the Instagram platform with ease, but real life chasing is much different. It has the ability to frustrate and exhaust one beyond their wits’ end. But if your willing to stick out a few more failed chases and deal with the mundane and slow days we often get on the plains, Mother Nature will give you a show beyond your wildest imagination.
This was a 9 tornadoes in an hour type of day. Also a softball size hail across my entire truck type of day. It was a reminder that after our will has been tested, the reward tastes so much sweeter.

First chase of the season.
Perryton, Texas 3/27/19
Music by @deftones

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