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Awesome middle eastern restaurant and bar on the north side of Chicago! Check it out! #chicago #middleeasterncuisine #middleeastern #restaurant

My son and I ate at Caravan's middle eastern restaurant this time! Dee-lish! I had the lamb ka-bobs, lime rice and grilled vegetables! On point!! #middleeast #middleeasterncuisine #middleeastern #foodporn #protein

My son and I tried a new spot out!! An Ethiopian restaurant! It was on point! #ethiopianfood #ethiopianrestaurant

G-Eazy sold out the Aragon!! Good business! Can't wait to go!! @g_eazy #geazy #dope #aragon #aragonballroom

Egg beaters omelette, NY strip steak and hash browns! My first 2 meals today! #eggbeaters #eggwhites #protein

"Might as well get my hat and my winter coat and go to bed on a block of ice"!! @bigbubtoday #today #hoodgasstation

Umm...yeah...I don't think this is real window washer fluid! #gasstation #bogus #hoodgasstation

New strings just came in!! I'm super geeked! I've been ignoring my boo for to long! @d'addario #bass #bassplayer #drumandbass #D'addario

I popped her "G" string! Lol...literally!! #bass #bassplayer

Blanket cocoon! #grandmaandgrandpahouse

Grandma at church.....its a lazy Sunday for him and grandpa! #chilling

Baby boy and my dad on that no swine diet! Lol! #turkeybacon #eggs #bagels

That's a young me soaking up that knowledge from my grandfather! #throwback

Ummmm.....yeah....let me get 2 of these to go please! A small and a large!!!

My son at his audition for Pioneer Indoor percussion ensemble!!! Of course he was one of the few that made it.....cuz he's a freaking beast on the drums!! #drummer

Cooked that chicken till he looked like a duck! Deelish!!!! Asparagus was bad either! Garlicky as hell!!

My oldest boy makes me proud everyday to be not only his father but a part of his life! To see the intelligent, funny and talented young man he's growing up to be is like something I'd read in a book! I just sit back in awe as I observe him while he's deep in his musicianship and say...."damn, that boy's a beast"!

When I think of the responsibility of raising, guiding and instructing not one but 2 sons, I'm overwhelmed with a sense of pride and fear at such a task. Preparing men for the world we live in is a daunting task, but one filled with triumphs and joyous occasions! I thank GOD for choosing me to direct the pathways of his children!

Like to do morning cardio in my draws! Its liberating! I normally pop in Insanity or rock with that T25 to start my day! Shot out to @shauntfitness for blessing the world with those. You changing lives....u definitely changed mine!

My Friday consist of me watching @trboxing to see somebody get knocked out then its off to work for me!

Back on my food prep! Holiday is over....I've been slacking! Garlic string beans, talapia and NY strip steak!!

Saw this in the gas station parking lot! I hope the guy didn't take all four in one night...if so.....he and she got some bigger issues to deal with!!

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