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Tyrin Turner  https://youtu.be/QA06ITxqHsg


They just understand better when they not black!!!!!

It don't get better than this @theofficialai3 killas!!! Greatness!!!!!!

Pure greatness @theofficialai3 dwade#3 and A.i #3 killers!!!!!!!!! Said some real shit to me last night much respect!!!!! I got along way to go but when a.i says I affected his life as a actor and says I am one of the greats n his eyes and that he is a big fan of mind... that's nuts!!!! This why we keep striving and keep going and building.... I'm appreciative some people n life remind u of yourself he is one of those dudes

loyalty loyalty loyalty!!!!!!!!!

You can be havin a great conversation with chick.... so what do U do for a living uhhhh I pop good popcorn at Disneyland .... guess how that would end... fucked up cuz at end of the day u just not that POP u lar... life's perspective!!!!!!

The culture!!!!!

Name your top 5 groups is the 90,s

I want I need for my whole family to eat..... it's enough for everybody!!!!!! @dtfilmtohoop all you can do is lead by example be a game changer

It is what it is game over!!!! Clutch!!!! Best shot blocking guard the game has seen!!!!! Just pass mj who is my all time favorite... then wade!!!!

I watch my @dtfilmtohoop grow so much .. when we worked on nite tales ... I knew he had something special.... very talented director now the lights are shining brighter for him well deserved... we truly had ups and downs but thru all the turmoil we prevailed.... April 27 th U will get a chance to see his work at a higher scale and that's just the beginning.... Proud!!!! The count down is on... let's go!!!!!! Traffik.... the movie!!!!!

Hughes Brothers!!!!!! Impacted the culture forever!!!!!! Let's get back to greatness!!!!! Let's keep building dont take nothing for granted!!!!! Love my extended brother @hughesllsociety defiant ones was the shit!!!!!!!

You can do what u wannnnna do this pic... is in living color!!!


This is my day one rite here @tylo_tinyamp please follow and support my brother words can't describe what we endured over the years ... u don't ever have to ? Why i would do for you the love is real over here always!!!!

This is wrong!!!!! Somebody get Gloria Allred on the phone!!!!!!

What u think?

April27!!!!! Get There!!! This movies is the shit!! Epps ... @lazofficial killed this film a great universal thriller for everybody...great job @dtfilmtohoop @snoopdogg support family # team #brothers #Must See!!!!

It's over!!!!! Don't make it a Brady thing he loss!!!!

Flyyyyu like a eagle!!!!!

Raised by... 4 mothers and a uncle!!!!! I'll never forget the passion of my family yelling my name when the street lights came on growin up on 51st Hoover.... u needed to be checked on!!!! Tomorrow not promised n my feelings... rest to my aunt and granny!!!!

I'm comfortable!

We gotta stop racially profiling eachother ... wake up..... sometimes it's the wrong person that get in position of power and don't know how to help .... like Denzel said he never seen a uhaul truck ... riding behind u when it's time to be buried.... can't take it with you... new day!!!! I will lead by example period!!!!! @richforever love these word!!!! Welcome to the house next door!!!!!

I'm just saying!!!!! Clowning pg14

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