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Tyrin Turner 


Got a chance to work and hear some of the words from this icon!!!!!! Keep the energy flowin thru the universe!!!

Nigggazzzzz stay ready!!!!!!!!

Get ready!!!! Follow @apollokidflossin


Snoop !!!!! Is funny

People's imagination..... creative!!!!

I'm killing everybody who watched this go down to me!!!!!

U push me n a pool of water now you may have to be n a pool of blood.... if I get wet u get wet!!!!!! Niggaz don't play with water like that!!!!

Look how happy he was..... I just wanna fuck fat bitches all them nights I never had bitches now I'm all up in u fat bitchessssss!!!!!! Dr Dre remix!!!!!!!!!......just jokes !!!!

Keep playin me on some Juawanna man shit.... y'all got me fucked up!!!!!! All gender matters!!!!


Keep things and what u wanna do in progress!

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