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TYRESE  They call me unpredictable no 2 day on my timeline is ever the same

Our daughters first roll over caught on camera!!!!!!! This is how the LA Rams rolled into the in zone!!!!!

We just love you.......... That’s it and that’s all..... Mayor of Atlanta QUEEN of the city..... Hosting the Super Bowl and empowering our people...... Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms aka @keishabottoms I feel blessed 2 times cause the LA Rams where I’m born and raised are playing In Atlanta where I currently reside....... Here we go!!!

Everything my heart ever desired, all of my prayers were answered when God sent me you my Samantha Gibson.... Shout to all of the married lovers out there who are going above and beyond to whatever it takes to protect the WORD that they have to the lord to love through thick and thin till death do you part..... I’ve been in the presence of every celebrity, sheikh royal, millionaire and billionaire and I am reminded of how NONE of those monies or materialistic things matter when you’re all alone.... I pray that God keeps our marriage and love covered...... #Amen

#repost @Ian davionf “This plaque is a representation of transformation, growth, dedication hard work, and love in my life. I wasn’t even brought on this trip to write songs. My brother @inglewoodsir and I went out to Arizona as engineers with team full of writers and producers in a @tyrese writing camp. We had to record, mix, and do wheataver the writers and producers needed us to do as engineers. Then when they got tired, or took breaks, we had to squeeze in time to write. I lost my voice at the end of the first week of four, but didn’t stop working. In a lot of ways, we had to earn our respect, and eventually I wrote or co-wrote 7 songs on the album. I got to work with @edawkins whom I’d admired my entire life, @marshaambrosius who was one of the realest and most humble geniuses you’ll ever encounter, @focus3dots and @rockwildermusic who’s music I grew up listening to, and a slew of other brilliant people you may not know. Long story long, don’t look at your current status as the end, instead look at it as a launching pad for your journey. @tyrese changed my life by giving me the opportunity and I’ll always be grateful. I ended up with more placements on other projects including 4 on @therealmaryjblige because I was faithful to my task, and focused on outworking the “writers” (all family, so don’t go trying to start shit, lol) Reese, I’m gonna need Bella to tell me how to get one if these for the crib big bro, lol. It means a lot. 🙏🏿
#davionfarris #singersongwriter #inglewood #blackrose #tyrese #rockwilder #focus #inglewoodsir #brothers #talent #hardwork #dedication #results #rnb #goodmusic

Here’s the FULL LIST of the legends that joined in!  @seigemonstracity @edawkins @focus3dots @ehudsonmusic @ericbellinger @hernameis_isa @clacysings @inglewoodsir @rockwildermusic @agapewoodlyn @1980sixx @alonzobereal @kennygotsoul @officialasledge @iamtimkelley @marshaambrosius @marcus90028

Were so in love...... We just can’t take it!!!!!!! I’m almost done with this meeting lovey I think it’s time for us to try for a boy!!! #DaddysTwin

I’m committed to being disruptive my creative is flying you gonna have to come see me or be left out......... Soon to be #BeardGang

This guy pisses me off cause he’s just so freakin creative...::: I would consider him the graphic design Salvador Dali of today.... @jstnptrs you are appreciated

You’re lucky has always been the most offensive thing you could say to someone who works as hard as I do...... Blessed yeah but lucky no.... My grind, my hustle and aggressive nature towards my career and LIFE is as real as it gets........ #LifeStyleEarned

So many people need to see this right now..... You’re so close.... Stay encouraged please I’m begging of you stay encouraged!!!!!!!!!!

Jody..? I was having a bad day till I seen this...... Little man really love his father it’s about 12 below zero hahahahaha look like a scene from #BabyBoy2

Early #GameFace barely slept cause so many ideas are flying around on how to structurally update this script.... People will never ever know how much passion I have for writing...... Writing and Dissecting Screenplays is life!!!!! Thank you to my guy @writerle who taught me how to use #FinalDraft6 at the time.... We’re up to #FD11 now that’s crazy!!! Lol And of course thank you to Mike Le again for connecting me to my new writing duo partner in this creative bag @ryanrjack we’re UP to something......... Ideas and visions have NO value if they just stay bouncing around in your head.... Shout to some of my favorite writers and mentors @johnsingleton “Baby Boy” - BoyZ in the hood - @theoriginalbigdaddy @paulhaggis who wrote “Million Dollar Baby” and “Crash”
Aaron Sorkin who wrote the movie “Social Network” and JAMES Mangold “Walk The Line” just to name a few! #BigAnnouncementsComing Believe it... I’m up to something! #BeardGang

It’s so real.... This is a #tb for real.... rip angel...

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