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TYRESE  Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers, The ones who see things differently. #Me -Steve Jobs

Where is this pediatrician? Where?

Nah bruh

Love always

Never seen anything like it

I’m getting ready to see....... Something I’ve never seen........ eyes haven’t seen.... And ears haven’t heard the kind of blessings that’s already raining on my life....... God you are amazing!!!!

I will never forget the first time I went into a mosque and they taught me “how” to pray and went through the entire process of prayer in a mosque..... Shout to Bro @markmc37 and my guy @wattsstix life changing day....... I was born and raised a man of Christian faith.... I just have to say this was a life changing day........ So many take aways the fellowship and love was real....... #QatarMosque to all of the men and women of Islam faith....... I love you believe it....... I pray for peace over your families and career....... Amen!

Please guys if you know @staceyabrams let her know our home is her home and we are ready to host her for a private fund raiser for her campaign.... Likely we will be neighbors ( Governers mansion ) so in anyway we can we wanna support you and show you love..... You energy and passion is amazing and will be great for Georgia!!!! #GeorgiaStandsWithStaceyAbrams

He thought this dude was homeless tried to play him...... #TheLastLaugh

The moment @kaepernick7 gets back on that field I heard there’s 2 teams looking at bringing him back on.... ( I’m sure it’s cause they wanna avoid that pending lawsuit he has going right now against the whole NFL )..... The ratings and viewers will follow - this is a good dude that stood UP and spoke OUT on behalf of those still knee deep in the struggle......

We went to see this documentary yesterday and I promise you my blood was boiling I was so fucking angry and deeply bothered by Trump and believe it or not and Obama for what he did to those people in flint Michigan - whatever you do guys please go online and find out where this doc is showing it’s beyond powerful @michaelfmoore delivered one again in a real way.... This shut me down I got home and couldn’t move yup... That mad....

To God be the glory!!!!

Well well.....

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