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I'm proud to announce that this week my second exhibition is opening up at @CAAMinla. "Center Stage: African American Women in Silent Race Films," an exhibition that considers pioneering African American filmmakers and production companies in the early 20th century that provided African American women the opportunity to participate in front of, and behind, the camera. They challenged disparaging portrayals of black women in Hollywood, and instead conveyed their wit, intelligence, and talent for largely black audiences to admire and emulate. This exhibition is curated by Tyree Boyd-Pates, History Curator and Program Manager, CAAM, and the UCLA Digital Humanities Department.

Henry Taylor, “THE TIMES THAY AINT A CHANGING, FAST ENOUGH! (2017), acrylic on canvas, 72 x 96 inches

Remind yourself, too.

Everyday, I think about the blistering past of my African ancestors chained together, forced to travel across the middle passage and survive year in and year out in Southern plantations for 235 years. Abolished in 1863 due to the crippling of the confederacy, the institution of slavery had finally seen its last days. However, the message of freedom took an extra 2 years to reach the ears of the enslaved in Texas' southern most regions. ...Everyday, I try to imagine what my ancestors reaction must've been like to get that news. It's mind boggling. Was it shock? Jubilation? Imagine: being free from your plantation, and no one giving you any notice, allowing you to continue to work for free? May we, their descendants, never forget their toil and sacrifice. It's today, that we celebrate #Juneteenth. Onward. #BlackHistoryNow

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Today, Congress and the Coalition of Mental Health Professionals honored my work as curator for "L.A. '92" and gave me their prestigious Martin Luther King Jr. Award. They gave me this award for my interpretation and appreciation for Dr. King's quote, "Riots are the language of the unheard." I'm so grateful and honored for such a distinction. Heck, They even gave me my own postage stamps (lol!). I'm deeply grateful to God and the Ancestors for charting this course. Hopefully, this inspires someone to know that they can do it too. Onward. #TrustTheProcess

Today was a good day. ✨✨✨

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