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salad fingers  I will sprinkle salt on your wounds.

my fit was inspired by ur local Yorkville Toronto mandem, it had ur shorty pointing at my lap asking “hey big head, this seat taken?” 🤒

ur mcm is juicy fruit gum and lasts for 3 seconds but u know u be deserving the 5 gum experience STIMULATE YOUR SENSES 💆🏻‍♂️

TheY saY 🆘 SaFety FiRsT ✊🏻 so imMa loOk 👀 🅱️otH waYs ✌🏻bEFore🚦CroSsiNg 🚷 yoUr miNd 👤💭 jk

"👋🏻🖲🥜" by wasteyute, digital medium, 3 pixels by 5 pixels, 100 bc (before 🆑🅾️ut)

liNk Up 📞 n CliNk Up🍼 w Me 😫it’S CuFfiNG sZn 🔗 bOUt 2 ScoUt 👀 for my Own 🔥char(MAN)der🐲 but j⭕️Kes oN mE 🤡 i Put On RepeL ☹️

⭕️h NOoO 🔞 niP 🍓sLiP ⚠️ aT the BoTTOm ↙️LefT 🙈of the LaST 🔚 piC 📸 ❗️IM rEALLy 💯ouT hEre 🍼PuTTing 🤧tHe N🅾️🅾️D in uR N🅾️🅾️dles 🍜

ur mcm 🙎🏻‍♂️throws tantrums 🗣when his bogo ⏹doesn't get added to his cart 🛒and uses his mom's cc 💳to buy NX 🍁

crUshEs 👀r CaLLed CrUsheS 🍑bc tHey CrUsh ur HeArT 🍌whEn thEy rEJecT yOu 📲🗑🤧😫🚨🆘

senpai wears thick eyeliner and has green eyes 😩 💦so im gonna wear green contacts and thick liner 🙈😳 series one of the #HOEKAGE 👀 #whoworeitbetter

tfw u and ur #MCM r twinning XD #noticemesenpai

out of blinker fluid!! will be back in a flash ⚡️

me: hey you dropped something
boy: what
me: your standards hi i'm terry

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