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salad fingers  I will sprinkle salt on your wounds. SSB//YU.

senpai wears thick eyeliner and has green eyes 😩 πŸ’¦so im gonna wear green contacts and thick liner πŸ™ˆπŸ˜³ series one of the #HOEKAGE πŸ‘€ #whoworeitbetter

tfw u and ur #MCM r twinning XD #noticemesenpai

out of blinker fluid!! will be back in a flash ⚑️

me: hey you dropped something
boy: what
me: your standards hi i'm terry

so in grade 2 my teacher mrs crowder asked us about who we look up to and i said "salamence but I think rayquaza is awesome too" and then she told me i needed to lay off my games like ???? my dude, my roster will school u fam

also if u can sing the entire theme song for pkmn battle frontier we're basically best friends!!

i swear to god i'll piss a happy meal off 😀

all these bricks and I still couldn't build myself up but it's probably because they're not supreme bricks so they don't fuck with the vision nawmsayin

LET'S BEYBRAIIIIDDDDDD let it rip (my beyblade bias was ray kon CUS driger 🐯) #punsfordays #imfunny #youknowit

orange tinted glasses cause life's a FANTAsy 🍊

check your neighbourhood reports and hide ya kids cause i'm a registered flex offender

hi hey hello it me currently looking for sum1 to watch anime with and sometimes play maplestory with (seasonal position, will appreciate any NX sponsors) hmu with your resume and cv also don't talk to me if u don't fux w ice lightning mages

(T)hot potato pass it on 🍟πŸ₯” #tbt to a time I didn't wear a hoodie?? what a concept?? who am i?ΒΏ?ΒΏ

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