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Very proud of Wambli . He is Number 2! He has been doing really well playing and learning the game and was successful at becoming the teams #MVP It’s a lot of work, but he is having fun! 🏀 #basketball #wambli #bluelake #mustangs

So cute I HAD to share. #irishcap #nashthomasclark #thriftstorefind sadly it was on the brink of being too small.

Loving the sunny days and happy faces I am surrounded with. #family #nashthomasclark #kids 🌞🕶👍😁#nofilters #reallife

River day walk in the sunshine. 🌞

LOVE my family. A lot of growth is happening! #family #wiyaka #wambli #twins #littlebrother #nashthomasclark

Today is the day 6 years ago that changed my life. My mom Melinda, also known as Skeeter gained her angel wings. One of the saddest days of my life. She has always watched over all of her kids and grandkids in her earth life, but has still kept doing that even after she has become an angel. Many occasions I have felt her presence and helping hand. I believed she has also saved my life when I to was in a car accident and would have crashed into a tree, but a branch stopped the car from going any further. I wish she was here so she could hold her newest grand baby Nash. But I try to believe that when he is laughing in his sleep, it’s my mom tickling and kissing on him, like she did with all the rest of the babies she met and had in her life. I miss you so much mom. I wish you were still here on this earth. I am jealous of all the people I know, who still have their moms here. But I am also thankful they still do have them. I wouldn’t wish or want this on anyone. Enjoy it! Please! Call your mom, tell her you love her and then you get the sweetest response when she says it back! I tell her I love her all the time: I just have to go back in my mind and remember her voice saying it back. It’s not the same. But it will have to do. I just have to wait MUCH longer to hear it back then some people. For those ‘some people’ who know my loss. I am truly sorry. And for those who don’t. I am thankful. You have time. 💞😭 #Melinda #heaven #angelwings #grandma #grandmasnewestaddition #nashthomasclark

I LOVE being his Mama. I LOVE how he needs me to fall asleep. I LOVE how he LOVES it when I kiss him softly all over his face and he holds my face with his little bitty hands. I LOVE how he is the center of attention for all my family and all the ladies he meets through out town. I LOVE how he LOVES me. I LOVE how I LOVE him. I didn’t realize how much a little tiny life can instantly change yours. For the better. I will always worry about him. I will always do the best I can. And I will always let him know how much I love him. He’s my littlest Best Friend and I wouldn’t change anything about him. He is calm. He is already on a bedtime schedule. He is beautiful...He is a good 10 pounds 2 oz of pure love. I hope he grows big and strong. Patient and kind and above all I hope he grows up to know how loved he is by us all. Which I think he knows that already. 😉 I also wouldn’t mind if he grew up to be a country music star. I mean he already has an AWESOME name for it! Nash Thomas Clark!! Sweet right?! 😂 #babylove #3monthsold #baby #boy #nashthomasclark #mamasboy #thankful that God chose me to Be this little bear cubs mama 🐻. ☺️

This is my first time sewing since I was almost 9months along with this little guy. Didn’t get to finish his quilt while I was pregnant (obviously). I thought I was going to be overdue. But I am back to working on getting it done, so we can actually use it, so it won’t be just sitting in a bag half done. Like it has been for 3 months. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #quilting #baby #brother #motorcycles #sewing #mama #nashthomasclark #obanks

Had a good day today with the family. Breakfast, skateboarding and beach and ended with dinner at my dads. Day we’ll spent with family. It was also Nash’s first time at the beach and I found a monster of an agate without trying (literally walking out of the beach and looked down and there it was ( it’s the rock on the bottom.) So stoked!

#Binxybaby shopping made easy! Nash and I absolutely LOVE this. He even fell asleep while shopping AFTER he pooped out from people watching. If you don’t have this....you should. #nashthomasclark #shopping #baby

Can’t help but overshare pictures of my baby. Especially when he looks like this. No filter necessary. #babyblues #nashthomasclark #mamasboy #partofmyheart #ponderingthoughts

Those #lips 😘💋 it’s crazy how much love I have for this little guy. Nash Thomas Clark I love you to the moon and back. So happy God blessed me with you. 💞 He’s a #mamasboy through and through

My little sis @reflectionofmytrueself got me this awesome cup for my birthday. Now I am drinking mypick me up and enjoying my little dude while he naps on and off . #momlife #coffee #nash #3weeksoldtoday #mylove #myeverything

Who needs sleep when you have this face to look at???!!! 🙋🏼 this Mama does..... #sleepdeprived #nashthomasclark #bornawesome #partyallnight #sleepduringtheday type of guy.

He’s got me wrapped around his finger. Love my little NashBear. 🐻😍😊👶🏼 #nash #mamasboy #trains #octoberbaby #11daysold

#mybabe #9daysold #babyboy #love #nash #mamasboy 💙 thank you @natashalei for catching this 💎

It’s a BOY!!! Nash Thomas Clark OBanks came into this world on Oct 4 at 3:07 am. He weighed 7 pounds 2 oz and is 20 3/8 inches long! We are so in LOVE with this little guy! ☺️😍👶🏼

Enjoying our last river day for a while. Loving on my little Sugarbean and she keeps loving on my belly! Crazy how fast time flys. I am going to miss being pregnant. #sunshine does a #pregnant belly good. #outnabout #9months #surprisebaby #boy or #Girl ??? 👶🏼 #summerending

A year ago today I married my best friend and soul mate. We danced to George Jones Same ol me, as our first dance as husband and wife. We partied with our friends and family who came to our Love promise. I love him to pieces and couldn’t imagine my life without him. He is and forever will be my ying to my yang. My calming voice when I am upset. My best friend, partner and helping hand in life, in parenting and everything in between. I am looking forward to MANY years ahead and you will always have a support system in place. Love always being thrown your way. Surprise presents and you will always have my heart with you. I love you Noah. Not just a little bit but a whole bunch. I am very blessed. Always and Forever yours. #husband #wife #loveyoualwaysandforever #soulmates #wedding #1yeartowardsforever

Went out of cell service for the much needed family weekend. Went up and hiked to some beautiful spots in the mountains and I realized how out of shape I truly am. But amazed at what beauty we found along the way. We only have a little over 6 weeks till our little one will be here and we are trying to soak in the last summer of being a family of 4 and just the fact of getting back to being connected with another. I wish we got to do this more often!

Even though last night I had a full on dream that I had a boy. ( I was checking for added parts after delivery) I am quilting the girls quilt this morning. (Just in case the added parts in my dream, aren't a reality in the next 7-10 weeks from now). Looking forward to the finished quilts and baby shoes. Now if I can get my tired butt into gear #pregnancy #3rdtrimester #almostthere #quilts #sewing #babygirl or #babyboy #cantwaittocrossthefinishline 😂😴🍼👶🏼

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