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Tyra Ara Larle Shadé Lartey🇬🇭  Dieu a mon dos, je suis bon🙏🏾@tytysviuals 📸🔌 Malmööö📍


Coco and Tyty, chale wus good?💜( Btw look how beautiful she is👀)

This is going to be a long ass message so bare with me:))...um *clears throat* basically I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with you guys..idk why because I’m probably the last person to do so( @chanelle.r could co-sign that) ..anyways I just wanted to say that first of all if you’re reading this..YOU’RE FLIPPIN’ AMAZING BRUV:* gah damn hehe... um this is so awkward for me but I believe it could be helpful for someone out there, hopefully ? Um...to all the girls and boys, men and women who feel they’re not where they are supposed to be..if you think about it do we really KNOW where we’re SUPPOSED to be? I mean..we may know where we WANT to be but SUPPOSED? According to me only God knows and no, this is not said in a sarcastic matter *rolls eyes* which I tend to phrase my words a lot in. This is real, what I honestly believe. Speaking of God, i’ve started going to church again( whoop whoop)*milly rocks* talk about being a real church gaaaaal my guuuyy🤙🏾 haha nah but honestly it feels good,anyone else started going to church ?
Back to the “ you’re not where you’re supposed to be” part... I just wanted to say that in a time like this, feeling like you’re disappointing either yourself or family and friends ( shiiiet even the world ) please don’t you ever forget how freakin’ badass you are!¡ If you think about it..you have survived all wahala tings, all the bs, disappointments, heart breaks and bla bla bla..chale the list goes on but you’re STILL here🙏🏾 Unfortunately, not a lot of people are as strong or got the chance to realise how strong they actually were but you do! You WILL get that job you wanted, You WILL get that guy you’ll eventually marry, You WILL get everything that is for YOU, remember that. One thing I’ve recently started doing to keep reminding myself on how beautiful or amazing I am( this is not put in any narcissistic way shape or form fam) is to stick colourful notes on the wall next to my bed with motivational quotes and references from the bible so every morning and every night I am faced with these lovely messages, you should try it🌸 anyways my DM is always open for anyone who wants vent! Have a lovely day and week y’all💜

I’m having too much fun man, oh well🤷🏾‍♀️

Besides me lowkey making a creepy face, peep the highlight mate;)

Smiiile ;)))

Yup, that’s my blood right there<3

Everyone was staring at me whilst I was trying to get some decent pictures for the gram, talk about awkwaaaard🖤:3

The sun was blessing me a lil, hihi :)<3

Pure bliss...again🌹 #coleworld #dreamville

Photo booth ting for life, anyways I hope you all are having a great day💕

Cuz o Zina<333 ( fine gals like dat) #CaramelSnacksTimesTwo

Mama says I have a mean face( basically a biish face), oh well🤷🏾‍♀️

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