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Going down (er, negative)

Not a painting.

Starts in Chicago and keeps on movin' East.


...annnnnnnnnd I'm back. Just had to wait 5 years.

Bros #Brodeo

A year ago I was asked to be part of a re-brand task force for the Minneapolis Downtown Council with a number of MPLS business peers. As someone who's always thought of downtown as the true city experience I was honored to help. Today our efforts came to life by way of new branding, communications and website. Proud of this project. #mymplsdt

My spirit animal is Bill Murray in Groundhog's Day.

Happy 6th birthday Milo, you old man. #MiloTheDestroyer #UncleShit

The one on the left is my grandma Maria, my sugar honey. The one on the right is my great uncle Walt, a family legend. Both escaped Czechoslovakia in WWII and with a host family's help, came to the United States. They have both started multiple businesses (jobs), were active in their communities(civic participation) and started families of their own. Like many other friends of yours and mine, I too am the descendant of an immigrant. To close our borders to a group of people based on religion is to close our open arms to humanity and is certainly to close off our minds. Our allure as a country, our strength as a union and our impact as a world leader stems from this gracious inclusion of all humans. America doesn't need to be made great again by a narrow-visioned person...it already is. Take back your hurtful words Mr.President. It's not too late yet.

Current mood.

Pouring one out for my homie the presidency of the United States. It was good knowing you. #FakePresident