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yesterday i said goodbye to my love as he left for marine bootcamp. i can’t say enough how proud i am of him. this has been his dream since he was a kid and im glad i get to be the one by his side through it all. these next 3 months will be challenging for him, so if anyone wants to write him a letter text me and i’ll give you the address. for those who have been asking, im doing alright. im trying to think about the positives instead of the fact that when im hungry i can’t text him to feed me haha or that i can’t just pick up my phone and facetime him to talk. july 12th will be here soon enough, but until then ill stay strong and support him as much as i can through my letters. i love you endlessly, robert johnson💘

sweet day & sweet tea 💛

happiest when im with u <3

don’t wanna say goodbye!!

newbies in ark

back & better then ever

happy 1st birthday emma lynn❣️

santa brought me my favorite gift again this year

didn’t even have to travel out of texas to see some snow this december❄️♥️

let the december festivities begin🎄

ready to call this place home & be with my best friend🏡❤️

FALLing in love with this place

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