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Hawaii Polo Academy, LLC  Tyneski Kanani Quintel, Owner of Hawaii Polo Academy - Polo Player & Instructor - Surfer - Native 🌺 Hawaiian - Fitness Model - Pikai Swim

It’s that time again. Time for a pony ride!!!! 💓🙌🏽

Taking advantage of all the opportunities given to me. Grateful for my horses, my passion for polo and the never ending lessons from life!! Always hungry for more... @hawaiipoloacademy

I’ve got a couple tricks up my sleeve...🤣 Indian style all the way!! Confidence is key. Laughing all the way helps too 🙌🏽🔥💓💁🏽‍♀️

Nui nalo ma hea ‘oe?! Winter waves where are you?! 🌊

Been enjoying the south shore and now it’s that time to face the challenge of riding mountains again!! Would love to feel that energy of the ocean, the way it makes my heart beat out of my chest and gives me cold sweats in the lineup! The north shore truly morphs in the winter like a butterfly. Love meeting new surfers from around the globe and seeing all the familiar faces as we all live on the same stoked feeling!
Ke ho’ike nei kauoha. Let’s charge, who’s with me?

Boys will be boys....but these boys will always be my boys 🦄💓💁🏽‍♀️

Hope everyone had as much laughter in their life as I did this past Halloween!! 🔥💓🦄 From the North Shore to the 💓 o Waikiki #happyhalloween🎃 #waikiki🌴

When your besties have four legs and are under 7...all you can do is giggle and appreciate the wonder of these beasts that allow us time on their backs. Love the keiki of @thestoryofdori #lifeisgood❤️ #dreamyponies #lifeisgood #hawaiipoloacademy #truelove❤️ #passion #horsesofinstagram #northshoreoahu #oahuhawaii #horsesinhawaii

Sometimes in life, it’s all about the time to reset. Reset the way you manage your time, the people you choose to surround yourself with and the ability to leap into the unknown with faith on your back, to always land squarely on your feet. To truly let go and accept what may come is one of the most exhilarating feelings that have overwhelmed me lately. Love it deeply and welcoming nothing but good vibes 🔥💓💫🤙🏽 #goodvibes

For me, the lineup is a place of refuge. A place where you’re able to focus a lot more on yourself, to become fully relaxed and a place to really quiet your mind. It’s a place to meditate and to challenge yourself to overcome the obstacles before you. Imagine being caught in the inside, facing an oncoming set, you see a huge wave peak with whitewash and your throat closes, your heart pumps with fear and your mind races about the uncertainty of it all….in that split second all you have to do in that moment is simple...You have to to leave your ego behind, let go of the fear and believe in yourself, plant your wrists firmly on your rails, push the nose of your board down and place your toes on your back pad to force yourself to be immersed with the ocean, to flow effortlessly as one with your board under the oncoming wave, to enjoy the rush of the water over your body, the gentle pull of your hair and the suction of being pushed back to pop up to reach the ocean's surface. You take a breath, you’ve accomplished a mission, yet only to find yourself do it on repeat throughout your session. That mental clarity you get in that split moment of fear turned to a sense of calmness gives you the motivation to return to surfing time and time again. 🔥 📷: @cassion_photography 🌊 #surf #bigwavesurfing #sunsetbeach #surfboardart #northshoreoahu #hawaiilife #passion #love #riskeverything #artsy #graffitiart #womenwhosurf

My greatest attribute would be that I am as strong on the inside as I appear on the outside 📷: @cmdavisphotographer #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #lifesmyworkout #thegoodlife #beachbody #workitgirl #workoutroutine #funphotoshoot #staymotivated

Just go for it, do your thing because you never know who’s watching 👀 Mahalos 📷: @jcabanasphotography #surfergirl #surfinglife #northshoreoahu #hawaiianlove #justdoit✔️

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