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My Hubbys Hat<3

My Sexy Baby<3

Our lil peanut is growing more and more..Loving it and cherishing it..@Real Millie TheArtist

To my fathead uncle..I love you..Happy Fathers Day..Even tho we fuss and fight..You still mean a lot to me..Im proud of you and thank so much for everything you've done..Im happy to have you as a uncle..Love you

To my king that means so much to me..I love you wit all my heart:) You make me so proud of you.. Im so happy to have you in my life..I thank god for you everyday..I wouldn't have it no other way.. i couldn't see myself without..Im so grateful for everything you do and have done for me..Happy Fathers Day to my special one..I love you,and fall in love wit you more and more everyday!!:) <3

Happy Fathets Day Daddy:) I love you so much..You really dont know how much you do for me..Not only do you help me get through tuff times,you've always been here for through good and bad ups and downs..You make me very proud..I cant ask for another father..You may not be perfect but i wouldnt want you to be:) You been here for me even when it was tough..I respect you and cherish you:) You mean the world to me..Keep doing you and never let anyone stop you....I love you so much

Memorable moments like these...Priceless:) <3 So happy to have them

Playing Jenga wit my baby...Kickin his ass lol;) I love these moments

My CrizzyBear close to Christmas in her onezyyy....lol

My babe is always working -__-


Lol hotboxing in the bathroom...so many ppl we had to stand in the shower...aha fatthead hubby

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