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Tyler Waclawski  Hello, world.

Wow, year 29 starting up for my favorite person in the world. Pretty damn excited to see what it has in store for us. #LuckyFella #FloatinAroundTheSun

Life is short. Enjoy the absolute shit out of it. #ColonyHouse

Boats and bridges. #Chatt #BoatNerd

I may have mentioned this before....but I love Suck Creek. Sunday/Fake Saturday well spent playin around.

Canoeing, man. 20 miles without a soul on the river. #GetBusyLivin

I love suck creek. #GetBusyLivin

Here is Brock's face, in case you're in need of a pick me up. #BrockStar

Won the Suck Creek Boulder...again, nbd. The highlight of the day though may have been finding an old grill cover that some piece of trash left behind and riding it down a water slide. #CleanUpYourTrash #DoShitOutside

Home sweet home. #Brock

Race day is quickly approaching! Anybody who wants to not take life too seriously, enjoy the great outdoors and help clean up suck creek should join us! Let me know if you want more deats! #PBR #MorningBeers #FIFOS

A very nice visit from my parents during their annual triangle trip.

29 and feelin oh so fine. Life is pretty rad. #GetBusyLivin #SnoopersBrock

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