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Tyler Waclawski  Hello, world.

My travel buddy. Camping in 30° weather for 4 days, running around the desert, bear crawling sand dunes the height of skyscrapers and still lookin this good. #DesertVibes #Wowzas

Float upon your landscape, a million miles from home. #ProtectOurPublicLands #Mojave

So amazing to unplug for a few days and find some peace and quiet. We adventured so hard and Mojave stole my heart. #GetBusyLivin #NeverStopExploring

Sometimes I enjoy the misery. Face stinging. Fingers numb. Lungs on fi-a. It's fun. #PedalDamnit

Don't know if there is a happier human in the world than this girl right here. #MiniNicole #Aunt&;UncleDuty

Must. Go. Everywhere. #GetBusyLivin

It is so hard to watch our PUBLIC lands get continually desimated. I fear every time I go west might be the last time I have access to these beautiful places before they're taken away. But I guess as long as the rich keep getting richer it's all good... #StandWithBearsEars #StandForOURland

Strong lap today. Boat looking good as new(ish).... #FuckItJustDuctTapeIt

Dukes of Hazard shit. #GoingUp

We need some damn rain. #Charge! #water