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Tyler Sharp  Creative Director Editor in Chief - @modernhuntsman Preorder for Volume 3 at link below.

Modern Huntsman is proud to present Volume Three: Wildlife Management. Due to release in late May 2019, our third installment explores the nuanced and complex relationship we as humans have with wildlife, as well as the circumstances in which we’re required to help restore balance for species at risk of disappearing, or reduce numbers for others that threaten to change ecosystems forever. Many of the topics that we discuss are hotly debated, such as the impacts a border wall between the US and Mexico would have on wildlife migrations, and the delisting status of grizzly bears in North America. Our goal is to deepen the understanding of the interconnected themes of conservation, habitat protection, land use, invasive and introduced species, and ethical harvest for a holistic illustration of what it means to be a steward of the natural world.

Getting to collaborate with my Ecology Editor @charles_post, International Editor Byron Pace from the @pace_brothers, and Guest Editor @donnie_vincent, Volume Three is over 200 premium pages of masterful storytelling and powerful imagery from an eclectic cast of hunters, photographers, writers, conservationists, and creatives with the utmost concern for the future of wildlife, and the fragile ecosystems in which they live.

Major thanks to @nickjoyce_ for the stunning photo we’ve chosen as the cover.

We’ll be sharing more about contributors, stories and brand partners soon, but you can now preorder Volume Three at the link in my profile.

As temperatures in Montana start to (slightly) rise and the wildlife begins to emerge from a winter slumber, I’m trying to spend more time outside observing the subtle shifts in season.

Resident pronghorn herd on their daily march to better grazing grounds.

It’s such a privilege to walk out the back door and be able to have wildlife sightings like this, even in the dead of winter. But I think everyone is ready for spring to show up and stay awhile.

Thinking of warmer spring days in England with my friend Trigger.

Portrait of Wyatt “Snow Monster” Sharp.

Wanted to share the short film I recently wrote & directed for @leicahunting, which we shot on location at my house here in Montana. It was an honor to work with the team from Germany to strategize the launch of this new product, and get to involve my friend, former SEAL, and badass knife maker @specoperator from @halffaceblades. You’re the man Andy, thanks for letting me tell part of your hunting story.

As a first iteration of our new @modernhuntsman media branch, it was a challenge to balance an ethics narrative with a technical product, but I feel like we found a pretty good balance. Lots of interesting things on the horizon in this avenue. Could not have made it happen without my brother and cinematographic captain @steverokks, and art lens ace @krisfilm, thanks for all of your hard work on this one.

Swipe left to see the film continued, or you can watch the full version at the link in my bio.

There are perks to living 45 minutes from Yellowstone.

Warding off cabin fever with wintry walks on the ranch. While very serene and beautiful, temperatures have been in the -5 to -15 range, and we’ve had almost 3 feet of snow in the last week. All the more reason to keep the fireplace ablaze around the clock.

Also, today is the last day of our “Moving Sale” for @modernhuntsman. If you don’t have a copy of Volume 1 or 2, or just want an extra set for the office, this is probably the deepest discount we’ll ever offer. Help us lighten the load as we upgrade to a larger fulfillment center. Link is in my bio.

Through my studio window I noticed movement in the high branches of an ancient willow tree. Immediately upon raising the binoculars I saw a pair of keen, piercing eyes observing me. I grabbed my camera and walked outside with Wyatt into the snowstorm. At the moment we approached the tree, the wind ceased howling, the sun broke through the blizzard, and this majestic bald eagle took flight, slightly hovering over us with a mixture of survival based respect and disdain, its talons stained with the blood of a fresh kill, then soared over an adjacent ridge. The wind howled again, the eagle screamed, and the battle for survival in a harsh Montana winter raged on.

It was an honor to host our Scottish friends the @pace_brothers last week, and be a Montana tour guide on their first foray into the US. Really amazing to witness their enthusiasm and curiosity for the landscapes, wildlife and people, and they managed to amass some incredible podcast guests during their stay.

They have been unwavering supporters of @modernhuntsman since the beginning, and as a result we’ve developed a close working relationship, which will continue to evolve in Volume Three as they join me as Guest Editors. Byron and Darryl’s vast experience with hunting and conservation in the UK and Europe has been an extremely valuable asset, which has brought insight and a comparative knowledge as we continue to further discuss what it means to be a modern ethical hunter.

Safe travels back to Scotland gents, and we’ll see you in the editorial gauntlet real soon.

Yellowstone sentinels.

Shot on a recent trip into the park to test out the Leica SL with the Vario Elmar 90-280mm lens. This may come as a surprise, but the test results were stellar. 📷✨

Making fresh tracks in the Crazy Mountains with an old friend.

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