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Tyler Perry 

So much love coming in on my birthday. Thank you to @angelamanueldavis. You’re an incredible human #Repost
He is my dear friend, and I love him so!!! Happy Happy Birthday @tylerperry !!!! This incredible man who is on this EXTRAORDINARY journey never ever hesitates to give so graciously, love humans unconditionally and share in his wisdoms so freely. I’ve learned so much from him and am so inspired by him!!! He’s that friend that is unapologetically honest... will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. I’m grateful for your friendship TP!!! Thank you for not letting me settle and encouraging me in higher!!! I wish everyone could have a friend like Tyler... but if you don’t then BE A FRIEND like Tyler!!!! You make the world better TP!!! Me, Jerome, Edward and Renzi are sending you a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🎉❤️🙏🏾

I ran into these beautiful women taking pictures at my studio entrance and boy did they have something to say to me!!! #Acrimony debate continues!

I was 6 or 7 years old. We were driving in the car, and you saw a Jaguar on the road. You told me how pretty you thought the car was, and I told you that I would buy it for you when I grew up. You just smiled and said, “ok baby.” About 30 years later I brought you up on stage and gave you the keys to that car for Mother’s Day. You were so happy that day! Maybe it was Aretha’s funeral, sitting for hours in front of a casket that was just like yours, or maybe it’s because I spent some time with a friend’s mother on her death bed. Whatever the reason, today grief came in a wave. So I’m gonna go drive your car and put on your favorite Z. Z. Hill record and sing at the top of my lungs. I’m gonna remember the good times until this wave passes. You’re forever with me. I love you Mamma. Willie Maxine Perry 1945-2009

THIS KID IS HYSTERICAL!! #Repost @blameitonkway
Road trip with Madea & uncle @tylerperry 🙄

Keep your eyes on this guy! He’s hysterical. He’s gonna be a huge star!  #repost ・・・
“Surprise! I did a video with a legend. Janet Jackson’s first ever social media. I love the song and message behind it ” (Tag Someone)
Dir. 🎬 @diamondbfilms @blameitonkway
Act. 🎭 @janetjackson @kingbach
DP. 🎥 @uhohmarty
Jewelry by @mariannaharutunian
Special thanks to @joeyharrisinc

My thoughts on Aretha Franklin

No more fear of flying my friend. You’ve got angel wings now. Thank you for your life and the legacy of music that you’ve left for us all. It will live on forever. 1942-2018

I can’t stop thinking about you and what your voice has meant to this world. If I came home from school on a Friday and heard your song Natural Woman, I knew my mother was happy. But if I heard You Better Think or Respect, she was upset and wanted respect. You’re the voice of the culture, the voice of a movement, the voice of all times and the undisputed one and only Queen of Soul. Today I “Say a little prayer for you!!!

This song says it all!!! @arethasings thank you for your music and most of all, your personal kindness to me. You’re in my prayers!!!

I can’t wait for November! You gotta see my new movie @nobodysfool@TiffanyHaddish, @TikaSumpter, @WhoopiGoldberg, @Omarihardwickofficial… so much fun!

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