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Tyler Perry 

If you are fortunate enough to see this legend on tour, YOU HAVE TO GO!! Real music, live singing, brilliant writing. We love Anita Baker!

Things get even crazier this week on The Haves and the Have Nots!!! Tuesday at 9/8c on @owntv. #HAHN

When you’re on vacation but you don’t want to gain all the weight you just lost!! Choices!

This is the most exciting season of The Haves and the Have Nots yet!!! Get ready! Tuesday at 9/8c! #HAHN

Me and Hanna (@only1crystalfox) saying “Hello” from Jamaica!!! Anita Baker ROCKED the @flyjocktomjoyner cruise!!

Y’all ready for tonight? #HAHN

Ok, here we go! One of the best seasons of The Haves and the Have Nots that I've ever written starts tonight at 9/8c. These first two episodes are gonna blow your mind! Love y'all. #HAHN

Congratulations Ms. Tyson, forever immortalized at the TCL @chinesetheatres forecourt. You so deserve it. What a life and journey. We all love you! And thank you @turnerclassicmovies!

I SEE YOU SOUTH AFRICA!! You set a box office record for Acrimony a few weeks ago. Now we're still holding strong!! I've got to plan a trip to say thank you!!

Current mood!!!! #GRATEFUL

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