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Tyler Perry  Hellur buy yr ticket herrre!

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Let me call Bam! (Link in Bio)

I can’t believe it’s been nine years today. I still miss you every day. I miss your smile and your laugh. Although, I swear I can hear it when I think of you. And I see you smile every time your grandson smiles. He’s so beautiful.
I wanna tell you something. You remember when you would put our Christmas toys on layaway and worry about getting them paid off in time? Well, because of you, a lot of folks don’t have to worry about that this year. This would have made you so happy and proud.
You taught me so much about compassion and giving. One of the things you loved to tell me was to give people their flowers while they’re living. Because of that, I've never put flowers on your grave since you often told me that I gave you yours while you were alive. That’s the only thing that gives me comfort today, as my heart hurts and my soul aches. But even though I’m sad, I’m still so grateful that God gave me 40 years with you on this planet. I would have gladly taken 40 more, but I know your 64 year old body was letting you down. You were so young, but amen. God has spoken.
I thank God for your life and who you are and were to me. I love you so much Maxine Perry. Thank you for all you endured to love and protect me, so much so, that every now and then you show up in my dreams to remind me of that love. It’s been nine years, and I’m just starting to think that I’m gonna be OK. Thank you mamma. Thank you.

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Let me call Brown and Cora!! (Link in bio)

I was trying to do this anonymously but oh well!!!

That time when @pharrell hooked me up with the coolest kicks in the game. Thanks for the Africa inspired Hu NMDs!! You’re an awesome soul.

I was honored to take the stage with this iconic beauty @danaigurira. This trip to South Africa has reignited a fire in me. Thank you Johannesburg, thank you @glblctzn, thank you #Mandela100.

What a beautiful day yesterday at the @glblctzn festival!! Thank you South Africa for the love!!!

Rehearsing for the @glblctzn Festival tomorrow! Celebrating what would have been Mandela’s 100th birthday! I love South Africa!

A pride of lions! This is the kind of crap I talk about others for doing and here I am in an open vehicle. What would @madea say?!

Yep this really happened! I went on a safari in South Africa!! LOL. To Daniel, Given, Agreements, Collin, and all the staff at the @singita_ resort, thank you so much for making our stay so magical. And also for making my son's 4th birthday unforgettable!! You guys were the best.

Hello from South Africa. Today I was the commencement speaker for the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy graduating class of 2018. This school and all of these beautiful young girls are miracles. God Bless you @oprah for what you are doing to help the smallest voices become the most powerful! You’re an angel to many!

40% of all stunted children are African. They're imprisoned by a lack of nutritious food. Join @glblctzn and demand governments spend an extra $10 per child on nutrition by 2020 & save 50M children. Demand Food #DefeatPoverty.

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