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This furry bork machine. Easily my favorite coworker. Sorry humans. #allrupertallthetime #officedoggo #woof

It's a back yard lobotomy! It's an art project! It's mildly unsettling! #mannequinchallenge #disembodiedhead #scalpmassage

Foggy springtime vibes at the Baldwin Bunkhouse this weekend. Thanks for being cool.

Which of the following is more badass - a donut tied to a string on a balloon or an invisible harmonica? #setlife #donutlife #lostharmonica

February 19, 2017 - Kayaking on Lake Michigan (in a t-shirt) #chinesehoax #globalwhat #floridaunderwater #dearleader

"Just a small fire" Heck. Wish I was still here today.

Our dining room workbench is getting some use this morning (someday it'll be in a proper garage.) This is a prototype of a lantern @margotiii and I have been jamming on in our free time. We filed our provisional patent application last week, so you may be hearing more about this project as things develop. Regardless of the outcome, this has been a great learning experience and we're having fun along the way. 🙃 #makestuff

A+ quality time shooting guns and building snowmen. Someday we can live like this. #upnorth #michigan #girlswithguns #diesquirellsdie

Location scout // office envy @forwardmotionmedia

I think most will agree that 2016 has been pretty terrible. But on the bright side, think of all the punk bands that will pop up over the next four years. Here's a pic of me going off a ramp when things were less complicated in the year 2000. #theyear2000 #dyno #bmx

No more time for apathy. This isn't a meme. This is real life. Find someone you love and make the world a better place together. #nevertrump #drinkabeerfortheliberals

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