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The road to 500 begins! Coincidentally hit the 1000lb club last week when I was PR'ing with a 230 Bench, 365 Squat, and 405 Deadlift (Hit 415, but the video sucked). Up from 200, 315/315 4 months back.
Taking the next two weeks to work accessories and rest my patellar and it's back to another 4 month cycle. That said, I've absolutely been loved the gains I've been making since joining Exile a few months back and can't imagine a better gym to be at in terms of atmosphere and inspiration. Absolutely looking forward to the next 6-12 months.

Me on a mountain after my trip to Dolly Sods last month. Starting to get a serious backpacking itch after seriously enjoying a few trips and getting the hang of it. Pretty easy given the beauty of the Sods. Hopefully I can get myself a Yosemite or Colorado trip in the coming months.

Needed a project I so went ahead and picked this little guy up. Really into it

Finally caved in - snagged an e39

🔑 Time to get some furniture

Had a busy Saturday ripping out the battery tray today on the project car. Bodywork is as tricky as it is rewarding.

Happy Halloween

After about searching for 2 years and slowly gathering parts for my project, I am so utterly ecstatic to grab a car to put them on. Massive amounts of blood sweat and tears ahead, but anyone whose passionate about something wouldn't want it any other way. Thanks again to @steezysloth for letting me have it!

Not bad

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