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20 months ago my friend @jcrayz told me to put in this notification on my phone. This is Janelle and I's last "monthaversary" as a dating couple. In 17 days we say I Do, and I am so grateful for the woman God has blessed me with to soon call my wife from then until now nothing but love has grown for one another. So thank you @janellie_belle for loving me, and to all our friends and family who have supported us on this journey! Here's to counting years and no longer months!

55 more days until we say I Do! Wish it was only 5, but here's to many more date nights ❤️

When She Says YES! So excited for this next chapter in OUR lives!

13.5 Hours of driving
760 Miles of travel
2 Trips to In-N-Out
2/3 Trifecta Pieces Earned
0 Home Work accomplished
Laying on the ground for 5 minutes because my calve no longer worked-
2 Races down 1 to go

Hello friends, and family!
This upcoming summer I have the opportunity to go on a service project through my school to Germany, I have done two trips like this in the last summer and I need your help! There's a few ways you can support my team and I, 1.) Financially- international travel is not free, so we are responsible to raise all funds for flight, food, housing etc. so if you're interested in supporting me financially please see the link below. 2.) Prayer, pray that the Lord would help my team be ready for whatever lies ahead this summer, and that we can all work together as a team.
If you have any questions please contact me! 2095876366 Link is on my bio

I've been awful at social media this year but Happy Valentine's Day to this gem! 💝

Dressember: a month during which scores of women all around the world wear dresses every day for 31 days, rain or shine, hot or cold, to bring awareness to the evil and disgust that is human trafficking.
Hearing the stories of women and children who have fallen victim to such evil has lit a fire in me to give them a voice, to let them know that we are fighting for them, to not only raise money towards the ending of trafficking but also lift them up in prayer that God would release them from their bondage and welcome them into His warm, trusting embrace.
My goal for this month is to raise $350 (though I'd like to exceed this) which is all going to Dressember and International Justice Mission to end slavery!
Join with me and so many others this month, whether it is financial or being in prayer or by joining our team and wearing a dress every day for 31 days!
If you are interested in donating financially, click the click below ❤️
#dressember2016 #itsbiggerthanadress #youcandoangthinginadress


As her special day comes to an end, the good times hopefully won't. Happy Birthday Janelle, love you lots!

When the wilderness center asked if we wanted to add on Half Dome the answer was pretty easy. 5 days, 4 nights, 143,000 steps, 786 floors, 63 miles, and 25,826 calories burned, we are alive. #halfdome #yosemite

The posting you see here may cause me to lose some friends, may cause some people to love me less, but frankly that's okay. There are 196 countries in this world. Some people are "white, black, brown, Christian, Muslim, atheist, soldiers, rebels, politicians, civilians, straight, gay, boy, girl, transgender" but we are all people. And more than that we are all children of God. He loves us all equally and sadly most don't know that, or what Jesus did for us and our sin. So through all of these issues that we are facing, who are we turning to? Is it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, our friends? And why isn't it God? We say our thoughts and "prayers" go out to you, but how many of us actually pray about it? For my American friends one nation under God, does that ring a bell? So while all of us think we are experts in what is best for our country, most of us don't know the real difference in the things we are posting about. So instead of complaining to the whole world, most of which will scroll by, why don't you take your problems to God. He will listen because he loves you and if you don't know how to do that or what that looks like reach out to someone who knows how and they will love to walk alongside of you. God bless you All, not just your country.

3 days ago I ran 3 miles. A 5K, in the UK, on the Queens Birthday. #uksquad🇬🇧 #queenelizabeth Please continue to pray for my team as our time here is winding down.

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