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The point of me uploading pictures is for you to see what I see, as I see it, and feel as I intended you to feel. So if your wondering what I intended with this picture, it's a feeling of the present moment, nostalgia, and what is yet to come. The present moment expanding into the next. The present moment that already became the next present moment even though you weren't aware of it. Stay in tune with yourself. What is the most ideal future for you if you can choose into the future from this moment? Think about it. Really think about it. Now go after it already. And this picture isn't edited, this is what was on my camera.
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We're doing everything we've dreamt of doing and living how we wanted to live.
The journey seems to be longer than I anticipated as I thought I would of surely "made it" by now. But maybe we did already like we already knew we would before. And what I've realized along my journey is that it's all about staying up to speed with who you've asked to be from when you were a kid, to all the way up to this moment, staying in that consistent flow of life that's taking you effortlessly everywhere and to everything you've wanted. And the most important part that I've learned that I'm implementing more and more every day is that not only is it supposed to be easy, but it kinda has to be. So be easy. The easier you can be on yourself and everything around you including life itself, the easier things will happen for you and flow to you.
Life is supposed to be an effortless, joyous, exciting, never-ending adventure, with you living your dream(What's your dream?). The negative and contrast we experience are only there to redirect our vision back onto THAT, and to ask for and create more for us in the process as things continue to change for us.
This Photo was taken on my recent trip to the west coast in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.
I used to be worried that people wouldn't love my pictures as much as I would, that's the only reason why I haven't posted as much as I want to. But at the same time I want my gallery to be nothing but amazing pictures only, pictures I had actually felt something for.
With that being said, this picture is called "Perfect".

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