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Some Fitzland clips form the other day courtesy of @dirtbikekidz..🤘🏼💀
|| 🎥 @_jsanders ||
#fitzland #dirtbikekid #dre #justhavefun #shredtilyadead #rideordie

Hate to see a homie go down and be stuck with life altering injuries.. But it's always good to see the industry pull together for a shredder while they're down.. @kai_mukai283 took a hard slam in which he broke multiple vertebrae and lost all feeling from his waist down..
If you are able, take a minute and dontate to his @road2recovery fund to help cover some of the medical costs and to get this dude back on his feet! Every penny counts! 🙌🏼✌🏼
⚡️ Link in Bio to donate ⚡️
|| 📸 @maxmandell_ ||
#road2recovery #damndirtbikes #lovehate #kaimukai283

Stone spray Sammy.. 💀
|| 📸 @maxmandell_ ||
#dirtbikekid #shredtilyadead #rideordie

I'm ready to scare myself on this thing again.. @xgames 🤘🏼💀
#dirtbikekid #shredtilyadead #rideordie

Put in a solid gold medal effort with my dude @ryanwaltersfilms and we ended up with a bronze.. Everyone crushed it though and I would have hated to be a judge! Hats off to @krisfoster782 and @anthonymarkvitale on the well deserved gold and @axellhodges and @dirtshark for snagging the fan fav! Can't thank @xgames enough for the invite and opportunity! As well as everyone involved that made this video happen.. Never would have thought I'd be in X games, let alone having medals to speak for it. No dreams too big kids.. Hungry for more, I want a taste of that Gold! 🤘🏼⚡️🥉
#xgames #realmoto #dirtbikekid #justhavefun #shredtilyadead #rideordie

Hyped on adding another medal to the collection! @xgames Real Moto is done and dusted and I'm hyped to be invited with some of the baddest dudes on two wheels! Everyone crushed it but there can only be one fan favorite.. And that would mean more to me than any color medal! Voting ends at 6am! ✌🏼🤘🏼
⚡️ Click the link in my Bio to Vote ⚡️
|| 🎥 @ryanwaltersfilms ||
#xgames #RealMoto #dirtbikekid #justhavefun #shredtilyadead #rideordie

An Ode to Mike Cinqmars.. 🙌🏼🚀
@xgames @ryanwaltersfilms
⚡️ Click the link in my Bio to Vote ⚡️
|| 📸 @ryneswanberg ||
#xgames #realmoto #dirtbikekid #shredtilyadead #rideordie

The first attemp at my @xgames Real Moto house gap was inches from death.. One mean uppercut from the crossbar and 7 stitches later, we got the shot! Swipe left to see the damage! 🤘🏼🥊
⚡️ Click link in my Bio to Vote ⚡️
|| 📸 @ryneswanberg ||
#xgames #realmoto #deathgap #dirtbikekid #justhavefun #shredtilyadead #rideordie

Dog pissin' over @thatsteezykid's tree's.. This last minute jump build for my @xgames Real Moto turned out to be a fun one! You can vote once a day for the fan favorite, so keep voting y'all! 🙌🏼🤘🏼
⚡️Click the link in my bio to Vote ⚡️
|| 📸 @ryneswanberg ||
#xgames #realmoto #dirtbikekid #justhavefun #shredtilyadead #rideordie

I knew one thing when filming for my @xgames Real Moto.. I had to go big cus these dudes were gona bring the heat.
But it doesn't always go as planned. I slightly hesitated on this thing and almost seriously payed the price..
Gnarliest jump I've ever hit. Sketchy run in, 3rd gear wide, 160ft, super blind, and had to split the gap between two chimneys and hope for the best..
Thankful it ended up working. As you can tell it was inches from not working. Only walked away with 7 stitches in my chin and a hole in my tongue.. Before the pain set in I gave her a few more go's and made it happen!
Sorry for testing it with no cameras around.. @ryanwaltersfilms 🙈😑
Massive thanks to @rich_stagram for building this beast and @thatsteezykid for letting me jump his house and trusting me to not kill myself.. As you can tell, I almost did.. 🤘🏼🤷🏼‍♂️💀
⚡️ Link to vote in my bio ⚡️
|| 🎥 @rich_stagram ||
#xgames #realmoto #deathgap #odetoCINQ #littleshort #uppercut #shredtilyadead #rideordie

My @xgames Real Moto part is live! Click the link in my bio and vote! Hopefully it makes you want to go ride your dirtbike! My dude @ryanwaltersfilms crushed it on the film and edit! 🤘🏼🙌🏼⚡️
#xgames #realmoto #freeride #dirtbikekid #justhavefun #shredtilyadead #rideordie

All the @xgames Real Moto parts drop tomorrow! Thankful to be invited and teamed up with @ryanwaltersfilms! Get hyped! 🤘🏼⚡️💀
|| 📸 @ryneswanberg ||
#xgames #realmoto #dirtbikekid #justhavefun #shredtilyadead #rideordie

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