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Tyler McPeak  San Diego, CA

Post workout practice. Still rusty AF but I’ll get there 🤪

Making each day count 👊🏻 current split:
Mon - legs
Tues - chest/tri
Wed - back/bi
Thurs - off
Fri - shoulders
Sat - arms
Sun - off
Goals - bring up legs, chest and triceps

Oct 2016 208lb. vs Jan 2018 235lb. The main difference is priorities and lifestyle changing. For close to 3 years straight I partied every weekend. I would run for my cardio outside. Nutrition wasn’t consistent. At the end of oct 2016 is when I made the decision I needed to make change. Fast forward to now 15 months later I’m so happy I decided to make those changes #transformationtuesday

Going into my last set of squats with 405lb mentally I wanted to get 10 but my body didn’t allow it 😂😂 usually I do traditional dead’s on back day but wanted to challenge myself today. Same thing with 500lb mentally wanted to get 5 but got 1 🤪 great session today:
1- leg ext
2- squats
3 - lying leg curls
4- deadlifts
5- single leg leg ext
6- seated leg curls
7- hack squats

I was born and raised in Roanoke,VA, then lived in NYC, Nashville and Jacksonville. Now in San Diego and I have to say it’s by far my favorite. Since it was 86 outside today had to take advantage and went to the beach 😍

Always strive to squeeze the next rep harder

Another week done ✅ another step closer ✅

Yesterday’s shoulder session:
1-Smith machine overhead press
2-standing lateral machine
3-seated Db laterals
4-seated Db overhead press
5-reverse pec dec
6-seated Db front raise
Everything 4-6 sets some exercises I don’t count the amount of sets I just keep them going if it feels good. 8-15 reps on everything

Ended my Friday off with a solid shoulder session

One thing that I wish I would have put more focus toward when I first got started at 18 years old was nutrition. I was 6’3 175lb with no appetite trying to put muscle on lol. No concept of proper nutrition. Even throughout my 20s I never took nutrition that serious. Here and there I would try different things but was never consistent. So the moral of the story is to give nutrition 100 percent effort and consistency and the results will follow 👌🏻 woke up at 235lb today 😬

Still no show picked out. Continuing to fill out the frame 😬 just need to keep eating, training hard and practice posing. I am getting excited though to see what I’ll look like in contest shape since I’ve never accomplished that 🤪

Your focus determines your reality

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