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Jimmy Todd 

Arkansas has been good to me. Thanks @drewlr for hooking me up. If you’re cool and like tats and fly fishing or fishing in general look him up! #flyfishingaddict #sageflyfishing #rlwinstonrods #scientificanglers #simmsfishing

Life’s been good to me so far #greyowlcoffee

I love it when people come to my fishing hole and leave all their trash...not #pickplastic18

Just doing hood rat stuff with my friends. #mericaisgreat #flylords #sagerods #fishpondusa #scientificanglers

Every time I come back to this place I’m amazed at just how much I love it.

What a hunk. Ladies he’s single, has a 401k, and his truck is paid off.

It’s embarrassing just how hard I laughed at this...alone...in my dining room...choking on my Taco Bell...stone cold sober. #litcity

Guys I actually won something.. 😂@fletcherwatts @cashermans shoutout to @cassetteeyewear_fishing and @fly_cvltvre for the gear!

I normally don’t like pictures of myself but I feel like this picture perfectly describes me. The only thing missing is a fly rod in my hand.

When you get all the fly tying goodies because your friends find out you can tie. Huge shoutout to @dakotaflyangler (Dakota Angler and Outfitter) for hooking me up and due to the super speedy delivery, saved my rainy Saturday. #stilladdicted #flytyingjunkie #flyfishing #fishpond #rlwinston

Meet Sterling Cale. He’s a regular old badass who rescued men during Pearl Harbor, specifically those escaping the wreckage from the USS Arizona.

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