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Jimmy Todd 

Every time I come back to this place I’m amazed at just how much I love it.

What a hunk. Ladies he’s single, has a 401k, and his truck is paid off.

It’s embarrassing just how hard I laughed at this...alone...in my dining room...choking on my Taco Bell...stone cold sober. #litcity

Guys I actually won something.. 😂@fletcherwatts @cashermans shoutout to @cassetteeyewear_fishing and @fly_cvltvre for the gear!

I normally don’t like pictures of myself but I feel like this picture perfectly describes me. The only thing missing is a fly rod in my hand.

When you get all the fly tying goodies because your friends find out you can tie. Huge shoutout to @dakotaflyangler (Dakota Angler and Outfitter) for hooking me up and due to the super speedy delivery, saved my rainy Saturday. #stilladdicted #flytyingjunkie #flyfishing #fishpond #rlwinston

Meet Sterling Cale. He’s a regular old badass who rescued men during Pearl Harbor, specifically those escaping the wreckage from the USS Arizona.

Here’s both of us on top of mountains doing hood rat stuff with our friends #nationalsiblingsday #halealkalanationalpark #machupicchu #twoprettyepicplaces #mysisteriscoolerthanyours #defintelymorecrazy


My application @matagordaoutfitters

Neato 2.0

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