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Melisa || State 28 Farm  Loving life in East TX. Sunrise fanatic. Animal lover. Vegetarian. Dog Momma of 6. Chicken hugger. Dreamer of big dreams on our farm.


As the night falls and the frogs sing from the pond nearby, the sky is slightly aglow from the distant setting sun. I love how the hanging lights twinkle and the stillness comes as the sky begins to darken. Soon love will walk through that gate and all is well on the farm as we wrap up another day.

My farm helpers are hard at work already today. They're cultivating the soil and discussing which organic herbs and flowers they want planted just for them.

Save the dandelions. Save the bees. I love these beautiful first signs of spring.

The beginning of new growth is always exciting.

My wish for you...

"No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn." - H. Borland

It's been a cool & rainy day here in Texas. Many people I know would take advantage of the rain and nap the day away but not me. I'd rather spend the day in my greenhouse getting my hands dirty making soil blocks, planting more organic seeds and listening to the rain bounce off the roof. Have you tried making and using soil blocks yet for your garden?

George Washington once said, "Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all." I think he'd also agree that spending quality time on the front porch and thinking of ways to help others is a worthy thing to do too.
Happy President's Day, y'all!

A few years ago we had to cut down a tree on the farm and I was so very upset. I was very determined to use as much of the tree as possible for something good so it was not wasted. I made several things with that tree but these were some of my favorites. These garden markers are a bit beat up now after a few years of use but they're still my favorites!!! Who's ready for a huge spring and summer growing season?

I grow food organically not only to feed my family but to share with my furry & feathered loves too. The hennies provide us organic eggs and in trade I share fresh goodies just harvested from our garden. They especially love this mix of lettuce and spinach that I treated them with today. Do you grow specific food to share with your pets?

It's a million beautiful quiet moments like this that stop me dead in my tracks here on the farm. It's in those quiet moments that I realize just how very fortunate and thankful I am to be able to do what I love. Each day the sun rises is another opportunity to chase our dreams. Make it a great day!

Yes, we're aware that the sun is up but it's FRIDAY!!! We wanted to sleep in! Go away Momma!