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Are there no birds in Livingston?! Who the fuck is supposed to deal with all these worms?! #wormageddon2017

Finally broke down and bought almond flour for pancakes. So glad I did. #suckitforevercreamcheesepancakes #keto

My two favorite girls bonding, despite Nala's Yasmine allergy.

Just pulled all of these out of my pocket. I clearly have a problem and it's not excessively dry lips.

Pretty dank #keto eats and Moana with a pretty dope lady. Aww yiss.

Got 9 months to get my shit together and bring this up 77% for Playa del Carmen. S'go! #duolingo #quierotodoslascervezas #notengoropaporlaplaya

According to the leader of the NSM, Hillary Clinton is Jewish, Martin Luther King Jr was a communist, and DMX has more substance. Hmm. #hatethyneighbor

My new bae. Fewer carbs and more alcohol than Michelob Ultra. #keto #drunkketo #drinkclean

Blind partisanship or genuine approval? Either way, East Texas is the worst.

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a group ice-ing courtesy of #NachoClubhouse .
#CalvinsChristmas #yougottawantit #thesepicturesdontgetold

Rare Ghost Dog sighting on Likoma Island.

It ain't #CalvinsChristmas without a homemade Santa hat! #LakeMalawi #yougottawantit #thanksdelta

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