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Ashley Richards  Family friendly farming, pasture based meat production, and an occasionally unsettling mix of education and entertainment.

There is finally more sun than snow! This means landscaping season is almost upon us. If you live in Bruce County and are looking to reinvent your yard, be it a one time clean up, scheduled maintenance or a full transformation, get in touch with my Boss Lady @newleaflandscapes.co 🌿 @mcasolino @casey.burns and I will be gardening up a storm in no time, so be sure to get on the list!

No place I’d rather be. ☀️✨

Lambnastics! 🐑🐏🏆🎪🎉✨ Little Rick had a great day!

File this other “other stuff I do than wrestle sheep”. 🐏🤙 I coach youth brazilian jiu jitsu. Because I love jiu jitsu, because my professor is a giant panda of goodness, because children benefit from physical activity in many ways and I enjoy watching them mature. 🥋 ‘See one, do one, teach one’. Drilling fundamentals with small people has drilled the basics deep into my brain, so selfishly, coaching helps me too. 🏆 No matter what sport you are passionate about, there is very likely a youth club in your neighbourhood desperate for volunteers. Consider the value of your participation for your own game, for the immediate benefit of the kids in your court and the good of your community. 🥇 The mental health benefits of physical activity are truly remarkable. In these volatile times for our youth, I think it is doubly important. Help light the way. Your time can make a difference.

A little run on sentence of Little Rick. 🐏❤️ He is making vast improvements, not out of the woods entirely yet. His momma refuses to let her babes nurse if she is eating. And she is the slowest eater I have ever seen. 🙄🤦‍♀️

Ladies who lamb!

Little Rick and his gorgeous freckles. The envy of women around the globe, microbladers take note of that smatter pattern. 😍 Is it a bunny or is it a lamb? 🐏🐇✨

Firewood! Not just a winter workout... cutting, bucking, splitting, piling, stacking. 🔥 I had to pick up a little extra off an Amish neighbour and managed to move a measly 3 cord 5 times to get it stacked in one afternoon. It will never cease to amaze me how many times you can get to move a single stick. (Also it would be super cool if @instagram could lift my hashtag ban any week now).

Little Rick is up and bouncing like a good baby should be. Unfortunately he is not pooping like a good baby should be. This could either be anal atresia (intestines don’t connect all the way to the exit) or regular constipation. This would be exacerbated by his getting a chill, which stops his digestive system from properly functioning. And the formula supplement. Tiniest enema next up. 🤦‍♀️ So close and still so far. 🐑❤️ My vet likes to ask (while shaking his head and half laughing at me), “WHY sheep, Ashley? WHY?” 🤷‍♀️ (The black fluff under his lamb jacket is a hunk of his mothers wool). **edit to add, can confirm I felt poop in Rick’s butt, this means no anal atresia. This is good news. Waiting on a poop!

Click through for the cutest yawn in the known universe. 😍🤯 Little Rick made it through the night. Tiny Mister isn’t quite quick enough to keep up with his mumma (though they are in a private birthing suite). She isn’t rejecting him, she just isn’t really interested in staying still. She doesn’t have mastitis and her udder is perfect. 🤦‍♀️ Gave him a supplemental feed and a wool jacket last night, and got his temp up. His brown fat (birth fat) will be all gone now, so he feels poorly and needs a wee boost. Going to get him good and warm (warm milk in a cold body is a recipe for death) and tube him so he doesn’t desire a rubber teat. 🍼 Will do all of this, shower so my main form of defence on the jiu jitsu mat isn’t my smell, stoke the stove, pack lunches and then race off to work. 🐑🥋🤙✨

Be still my heart. 😍 Little Rick is cute from all angles. Last pic shows the size difference between him and his big sis. 🤷‍♀️ #shepherdess

Runty Rick is Runty. Lily is up bouncing around (the sheep lingo for this stiff legged leaping is stotting or pronking) and Rick is still finding full strength in his little legs. One little bit of me screams “I’m your mother now” and wants to put him in my armpit with a bottle. But the other 99.99% of me says “FFS, figure this shit out, Rick!” 🤞 Bottle lambs are magical for the first five minutes and then really only again for photos. Getting the right milk, at the right consistency for sensitive bellies is a job ideally left for mumma. Having a sheep who is happy being a sheep and not confused about which house it lives in, is also infinitely better for the sheep. Also, Rick should hopefully be around 200lbs full grown. I don’t want him having expectations that I am at his service at that size. Makes for a dangerous situation for me, and him. 👵 I’ve been answering a lot of questions lately from people who have purchased bottle lambs as (temporary?) pets. So. The first person in charge of lambs should be mum, as mentioned. If she fails, the next qualified person is a shepherd. Your experience with your lhasa apso will in no way apply to lamb rearing. Sheep have specific nutritional and medical requirements (different to goats, horses, chickens). Please acquaint yourself with these things before “rescuing” a bottle lamb (that you are now clearly in the process of killing). 🐏 Do feel free to ask me sheep questions. Goat questions. Chicken questions. Pig questions. I love talking livestock and I want to help you and your animals. HOWEVER. If you have very sick or dying animals on your hands, it is your responsibility to cough up the cash and call a vet. Not DM a stranger on Insta. That’s with or without a GoFundMe. 🤷‍♀️ Ok. I’m done now. ❤️😘

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