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TransWorld SNOWboarding Mag  Exclusive looks at all of next year's best snowboarding product:

One of the hardest working riders in the game. Whether @danbrisse is hitting next level urban features or sailing off wind lips in Alaska, he is on the grind non-stop the entire season. Photo: @andywrightphoto #twsnow

@j_robble taking a break from first descents in Alaska and hitting some features they pushed up in a Montana lumber yard. Photo: @darcybacha #twsnow #InsightMovie

The Troll Project full video is up now on When you team up @snowboyproductions and @trollhaugentroll with @sleepystevens, @joesexton1817, @jedipauls and 40 of their friends you are bound to get an amazing edit. Check it out now and get motivated to think outside of the box. Rider: @kyleknndy Photo: @walshmt #twsnow #thetrollproject

Photographer @philipp_photo_ shooting a mirror reflection of @wernistock slashing some pow in Hintertux, Austria. #twsnow

A silhouetted @aleboyens hovering above the horizon at @cmsnowpark, Switzerland. Photo: @puzzlemedia_saasfee #twsnow

@instagarry, @bcocard and @nicolasmuellair enjoying their time in the heli while making their way to the top of some scary peaks in Alaska. Photo: @erinhogue @absinthefilms #twsnow

@hibeams has stood on the podiums of the US Open, X Games, and many other world class competitions. These days she is more interested in standing on top of big AK lines. Photo: @bengirardi @fullmoonfilm #twsnow

The Troll Project full video is up now on The second incarnation of @snowboyproductions “The Projects” just went down over four days in @trollhaugentroll, Wisconsin and did not disappoint. Watch @sleepystevens and friends get technical and creative on this awesome park set up. Photo: @walshmt #twsnow #thetrollproject

Welcome to episode two of @eiki.helgason's #Braindomness. A one minute Instagram show where each week Eiki tries to stomp a trick that has never been done before. This week the creative Icelander attempts an Upside Down Christ Plant.

@nils_mindnich's full part is live now on Nils is well on his way to becoming one of the most well rounded riders on the planet. He can be found wearing a grin at all times, whether he's blowing the doors off of backcountry wedges, mountain-goating shoots, or winning the Legendary Baker Banked Slalom. Check it out now. Photo: @bengirardi @salomonsnowboards #twsnow

@mammothmountain has been getting record snowfall this season and another storm is hitting them now. @goodmannnnnn is reaping the benefits of mother nature. Photo: @hauc #twsnow

@grilo getting corked while drifting past some massive rock pillars in Slovenia. Photo: @hauc #twsnow