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Aja Haywood  mom, wife, teacher, maker, and THAT sarcastic friend

Repping' our buttons at the board meeting.
Let's do this DPS peeps!!! #deastrong

When you're not sure if your best friend left her phone within reach of the kids or if she's crying out for corn on the cob and kiwi.
Apparently her youngest daughter was texting me a joke to make me laugh.
The punchline had something to do with cats.
I told her it was the funniest joke I've ever heard.
#whentoddlerstext #toddlertexts

Ummm...I'm dying over the iridescence in this blush paint.

#100daysofajamakesart 46-47/100 May 23, 2017
Playing with some minis for a dear friend.
And trying to get a feel for cold press versus hot press.
#the100dayproject #ajapaints

It's gettin' real folks.
In preparation for a new school year starting in August with teachers potentially on strike, we've been asked to empty our rooms of all personal belongings.
We want to send a message that we are all here for the children.
Look at what we've provided for them.
And look at what has been handed to us.
I don't want my kids to start the year in such a tumultuous situation, but we have to stand strong and stand up for what is right.
I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Our requests are for the health, success, and betterment of our children.
Yes. Salary is part of our request.
But take a look at what we've provided out of our own pockets on top of mandatorily paying into our own retirement, paying insurance premiums, funding most of our HSA's, and working with no step increases or raises for four years.
Yes. A raise would be nice.
But our top three requests (mental health professionals, reopening media centers, and ELL resources) are not for our benefit, but for the children.
Stand strong DPS peeps.

My whole weekend was consumed with Jaden's birthday weekend.
Was hoping to get back on track with my daily makes tonight, but I was sidelined this afternoon with a migraine.
I was doing so well, but I think the stress of the end of the year, student meltdowns, packing my entire room, and preparing for a looming strike finally caught up with me.
#effyoumigraine #migrainesarethedevil

That one time they used my picture on the local news AND pronounced my name correctly.
#haywoodsVScicadas2017 #17yearcicada #cicadas2017

Brat even got in on the artsy action and played with some watercolors.

Jaden got all of her friends interested in brush lettering.
And then she promptly got on her phone.
And a couple might have lost interest in the lettering and started playing with slime.
#teens #amiright #jadenturns15

15 tomorrow.
Hopefully she'll live to see 16.

Love that my girl has so many other good girls in her life. ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my favorite Smiley Dude.
Love you beyond words @zerkenzmie

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