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Wondering what this might look like if we painted the frame black.

Thinking about getting some gray curtains. Or a stripe of some sort. (And when I say curtains, I mean it could be a shower curtain or tablecloth. 🤷🏼‍♀️)
And it’s hard to tell, but the lights above her curtains are Edison bulbs.
Still trying them out in different places in the room.

Favorite corner.

Monk used to have one of the standard issue white bookshelves in that back cubby. Fit perfectly size wise, but she wanted something more updated.
Found that fun shelf at Hobby Lobby for a great price.

We’ll spend some time collecting more bits and pieces to fill in the gaps, but for now, Ashlyn’s room redo is finished.

Bits and pieces.

I mean.
How else do you try out your new bed? 🤷🏼‍♀️

It’s new bed time!!!!!!!!!
I’m pretty sure mattress companies LOVE tax return time.

Current view.
It’s been a long morning...
Final coat of paint on Monk’e walls.
Flooded basement.
Disassembling beds and hauling them out to the garage.
Ceiling leaking.
Moving furniture.
Now we’re all taking a break and waiting for our mattress delivery and wishing away the rain that’s yet to come.

Buh-bye blue walls.
Ashlyn has been asking to paint her room white for a few months.
I figured since we basically had to empty her room for her new bed delivery this weekend, we might as well jump at the chance.
So the girls took everything off the walls, emptied her room, patched holes, and started cleaning the baseboards.
Hoping to knock out most of the room tomorrow night and finish it Saturday before the bed gets here.

Well this totally made my day.

And this. 💛💛💛
#studentsstandup #stonemanstrong

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