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Jen&Liz  VK chuggers, rugby huggers. Looking for boyfriends.

Oh my huns what a week to round up! (Yes we know, late, but as one of our ex’s used to say you’re just a sloppy, useless strumpet, so timekeeping isn’t a forté) this week has been less about love, and more about realising things. Boys come and go hunnies! (Only one or two this week, nothing huge to report there. Dry tbh.) highlight goes to Lizzie! Organising another double date, we will be reporting live from Turtle Bay on Thursday night, 2 for 1 COCKtails if you know what I mean. Low light therefore, Jennifer. Spends 5 hours on a train just to have her hand held by a weird bloke in the Sheffield SU. State of it. An unsuccessful week in love, can only be represented by James’s charming message above. But hey, once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up - right? Swipe for 3am motivation. Stay Gucci X ps Lizzie is already declaring love for rugby boy who asked for her no. in buffs on fri night

End of the week round up time huns!!This week, being freshers, we decided to reinvent ourselves (a new beginning). Due to our lack of success frequenting boujee west end clubs and home county pubs we thought, hey, why not try a ketty festival rave! Alas, boys in bucket hats and wavey garms failed to fill the sad dark empty void that is our love life. Now time for the weeks highlights and low lights! Highlight goes to Jenny: Wednesday SU GORGEOUS rugby player gave her a kiss and then she ran (another VK was calling) mystery man - reveal yourself! Low light unfortunately Lizzie this week :( boy she thought she fancied (see previous post) impolitely broke in to our house at 2 this morning *uninvited* and proved himself to alas, not be the one. Sometimes even 6’3 with baby blues isn’t enough. Fingers crossed for next weeks double date though hey! And if you’re reading this from the warm embrace of your loved one on a Sunday afternoon, make sure you’re holding on extra tight, you lucky thing. Stay Gucci hunnies X

Next up we have Liz. Fresh out of boarding school and despite swearing off rugby boys for good, she cannot stop pursuing one particular sportsman (will keep you all posted on that). A fun loving bubbly girl who will keep you on your toes (and put hers in your mouth.) How long Liz has been single for is unclear, depending on who you talk to. Described as feral and likened to the Tasmanian Devil, if ADHD is your thing, then she’s the girl for you!

Time to meet your girls documenting their search for love! First up, Jenny! You may recognise Jenny from swinging her luscious long limbs around the Cardiff club scene. Jenny burst into single life at the beginning of the year and since then has enjoyed nothing more than a Wednesday night in rugby corner, where she has received compliments such as “you look like an angel!” You go Jenny! Quite frankly Jenny pulls some really fit medics when she feels like it, 5’11 and a half with a heart of gold we really wish the best for Jenny as she searches for “any tall bloke” this winter.

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