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Veronica | Hand Lettering  ✏️ Hand Letterer, Teacher, Artist, here to cheer you on and teach you all I know. Look for my Lettering Course for beginners. 👶 Mom of 2 📚 Book addict


You know, the people who just can’t stop gossiping, talking about others and can’t seem to mind their own business. Why put up with it? Get them out of your life, you’ll feel much better. Now if they’re family, it may be a bit more tricky, try avoiding all social gatherings where they are at 😂 .
Anyone dealing with crazy right now? .
#lettering #mindyourbusiness #liveyourlife

What I really want for dinner today. But I’m getting pork instead 😢 maybe lunch tomorrow? #pregocravings

What could be simpler than Crayola markers? If you want to learn brush lettering but lack the fancy tools, no worries, Crayola has you covered. From regular think markers, thicker tips and of course the juicy brush markers. #crayolacalligraphy #crayolalettering #brushcalligraphy

What ever your style and however “bouncy” it is LOVE IT, OWN IT, and BE PROUD of it. It makes me so mad when people like the “unmentioned” try to force their style into others. I spent years in school being compared to others, or trying to fit in and create what my teacher wanted my art to look like. I finally realized that I don’t have to appeal to men and what men like. My art is for girls. And guess what? They love girly bouncy lettering. And as much as it’s been said that girls are backstabbers, we sure are great at coming together and creating a whole community around what we believe in. #fuckyeahgirlyletters #girlyletters #spreadlove #letteringlove #lettering #communityovercompetition

Can’t draw flowers? Trace them. Take photos of flowers when you see nice ones 🌸 and then use them for your art. Also I do random swirls when I can’t think of what to letter lol 😆 #letteringvideo #ipadlettering

It’s official. I’m 8 weeks pregnant today! I was gonna wait till 12 weeks to tell you but what the heck 🙃 As surprised as we were that we were expecting a third baby (not planned lol) we are very happy that our family is growing. Me on the other hand, I could use a break from the constant fatigue and nausea. I seriously feel soooo tired alll the time. All I’ve been doing is sleeping for the past 3 weeks. Hence why I haven’t been posting much or blogging. I just can’t get off the couch. Not to mention I already have two little ones to take care of. So that’s where all my energy goes to. And then the nausea. Ugh 🤢 sucks! I hate all food, I get cravings but then actually eating the food is torture. And anything healthy makes me nauseous 😂 So all I eat is bread, candy, and junk food. Hopefully that goes away soon too. Oh and coffee, ugh, can’t do it. And I love coffee, but for some reason it just doesn’t sound appealing right now 😢
Now I need to figure out how to fit 3 kids on one room 😫.
So girls, I need some help here. The morning sickness will wear off soon, usually by week 12 I’m back to normal, so till then I probably won’t be doing much work. After that I need to start prepping my biz for baby😲. I need to get the course updated, things scheduled, passive income taken care of. I don’t want to stress once the baby is here, so if you have any blog posts or any advice on how to do this send it my way. Thanks!

Use pencils for sketching out your lettering. Or as pencil calligraphy. It’s the best tool out there. You know why? Because you can erase your mistakes. Kind of like we do on our iPads. So don’t fear this basic tool, embrace it. Read my latest blog post on this topic and a little tutorial and #pencilcalligraphy link in bio

Grab your pencils and start lettering! New blog post. Click the link in bio or go to www.twoeasels.com/blog #pencilcalligraphy #lettering

Oh boy, I kinda like how this video turned out. A bit quick and messy. But it gets the message across. .
Go purchase these worksheets and start practicing with bigger brush markers today 😁 These come as a digital PDF and JPGS meaning you have to print them yourself or import to your iPad. Have fun! 😘 oh yeah. The link is in the profile 👆🏻#letteringpractice #101brushstrokes

Seriously. This is what I’m doing now. Ok so I’m working a bit. But mostly I keep checking the driveway for the delivery. Warm fires here we come! 🔥 #Lettering #firewood #letteringlove

Here it is. The video is sped up. But the resolution and colors look amazing. Can’t wait to do more videos with both cameras now for better lessons. You’ll see me do the lettering from two angles 😉 #lettering

Having fun exploring the new camera. Video in the next post. #canonpowershot #lettering #watercolorlettering

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