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Doubt is the killer of all things happy. Don't let it get to you. If you feel yourself slipping into the black hole just remember that even the most successful people have doubts, everyone has them. You are not alone. Think of your. Ad thoughts as you would a troll on Facebook. iGNORE!! #youareenough

Do you wish to sell you art as prints, coffee mugs or more? Then you need to learn how to digitize your lettering. And the easiest way to do that is with Photoshop. No, you can't vectorize your lettering in Photoshop, but it's still crucial to mockup your pieces, fix layouts and color correct. And a whole bunch more. .
So here's what I have for you, some of you know I've been working on The Photoshop Course for letterers, and it will be released in just a few days. Yey! I can not be happier to offer this to all my students, especially those that want to take their hobby to a side or full time creative business.
So, hop on over to the link in my bio and enroll now, because one the course is released the pre-sale price goes up. :) See you in class. .
P.S. A lot of the course material is already up in the school, so if you enroll now, you can view most of the course TODAY! #twoeaselscourses #photoshopforletteringartists #lettering #dailyinspiration #handlettering #society6 #brushlettering

Omg I love working outside. If only I could do this all year long. Stupid Midwest. I need to move south. Anyway... day 6 of #myletterstudy is here. Who's with me?
Today is refining day. I'm a little behind but trying to catch up to all my fellow participants. I can't believe over 600 people decided to join me. 🎉 Yey.
I will make this available to the public soon. 😘 For now I just offered it to those who were in my newsletter. So sign up for it and you'll get notified when it's offered to you 😃
#lettering #letteringvideo #letteringdaily #mycreativebiz

A house full of artists. Lol. The Lytle guy already wants to do everything big sister does. Even drawing. #littleartist #littlebrother #momlife #artistsofinstagram

Day 2 of #myletterstudy today we. Arrow down out choices for letters a-e. Who's excited m?! I think this step may take a couple days lol I've only gotten to two letters and it took a while. #dslettering #letteringbiz

Slide the pic for the video process. #letteringvideo Day 13 of #bettermejune I have a purpose. I am realizing more and more what my purpose is. Most of the time it's just encouragement for new lettering artists. It's mostly what my newsletter is about. Just motivating people to keep going, telling them my own struggles so that they realize that they are not alone. We were all beginners and believe me I still feel like one. #lettering #motivation

❤️❤️UPDATE! Doors are closed for now ❤ ❤
Want your own lettering style? Sick of copying and envying other? Then join me and 300+ others 🎉 #myletterstudy starts in a few minutes. It's a free project I'm offering just for my newsletter subscribers who opt in. Last opt in email will go out in a couple minutes so sign up now. Link in profile.

Join over 200 lettering participants! Tomorrow is the last day to opt in. •
But it's only for my email list, so join my newsletter TODAY and let the fun begin. •
Hint the hashtag is #myletterstudy I will be posting a little about it here, but most of the action is through email. •
So if you're interested click the link in my bio or go to twoeasels.com/newsletter and I will be sending out an email tomorrow morning where you can opt in for this free "course". After tomorrow the doors will close. (For now at least)
I hope to see you there 😘

I mentioned to you before that I got a bunch of new brush pens to test out, because as I said I really don't like Tombow dual brush pens. I want more control and something that won't fray so soon. Even when using smooth paper. ⠀

#pentelwaterbrush is my FAVE, but I do need something else that is pen like that I can use. So I bought myself 7 new brushes. ⠀
Visit the latest blog post on my site to see the video of the review.⠀link in profile 👆🏻 •⠀
And also, I'm working on something new, only available to my newsletter subscribers, for now, so I need some tools to play with.⠀
#brushlettering #brushpen #brushcalligraphy #letteringvideo #calligraphyvideo #motivation #monday #pentel #dailytype #powertothepen#beginning #brushlettering #handlettering #lettering #mycreativebiz #letteringbiz #dscolor #happy #inspiration #lettering #letteringdaily #illustrator #girlboss #dreamersanddoers @pentelofamerica #learnlettering #letteringnewbie #letteringdrills

Letter Q. Practice your brush lettering skills. When someone asks me what advice I have for. Whiners, this is it. Just practice one letter at a time. It will probably take longer than you think so don't get discouraged if you still suck a few months from now. Heck t took me a good 2 years before my work started looking decent 😂 just hang in there. And make sure you actually like the tool you are using. If you hate the brush or the pen change it to something else. Don't use it just because everyone else is. That's why you won't see me doing many Tombow dual brush pen posts. Just not my kind of pen. I like my bristles ❤ get these sheets as part of #theletteringcourse or on my Etsy shop without the course. Link in bio 👆🏻

Day 12 of #bettermejune lettering challenge. If you ever feel like your aren't worthy of something I want you to write this down and pin it to your wall. We are all worth of beautiful and good things! If you feel otherwise, please tell me why? #dailyinspiration #dailyaffirmation

I just had to, for my mom reading friends. #bookaholic
Because if you can raise little ones and still have time for books, you are mighty special, and my kind of super mom, to be able to still have a hobby and kids at the same time.

Many have told me when I got pregnant, for the first time, that I will never have time to read a book again, back then I was reading like 4 a week.
But guess what? Now I have two and still read.
Sure, it's not 4 books a month, sometimes barely 1 a month, but I sure as heck read a little everyday.

I take my book along with with my daughters bedtime story, and once I'm finished reading her a story I read a chapter of my book. That way I teach her that books are fun and I get reading done for me too. •
How do you manage books and babies?

👉 This mug and more is now available in my #society6 shop. ☕️ @society6
I'll put the link in my bio. https://society6.com/product/bookaholic-mom_mug?#s6-7179973p30a27v199

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