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Two Design by Nadia  ❗️CLOSED❗️

Just sent over the last batch of instocks to @swing_by_suhaim and @swing_lifestyle_store -
Do drop by their stores to get your #TDislamic canvas. Limited quantity and sizes available, so hurry and don’t miss your chance! ☺️

Once again, thank you for all your kind words and support. I am truly humbled. Selamat berbuka!

UPDATE: Orders placed on 4 May to 7 May all ready! Last lap for TD 💪🏼

Will prep these for courier and update everyone soonest.
Thank you!

SOOO much love coming from everywhere, it’s really humbling. I am really and truly touched! Don’t make me cry please because I is emotional and quite a cry baby 😅

InsyaAllah I will read every single DM/WA/comment and reply to them ❤️ Thank you thank you thank you!

Been drafting this for a while now and I think it’s time to share.

Thank you for all of your support. It means a lot to me and I cannot express how happy I am to have seen TD grow way beyond my expectations, within such a short period of time. This wouldn’t have been possible without the love that came from each one of my customers. Once again, thank you!

As much as I would like TD to move even further, it has come to a point where I really need to take a step back, pause and breathe. What I used to enjoy doing is now giving me stress and fulfilling orders are now at the expense of my boys and my health. Single-handedly doing everything really takes a lot of time. Most days, I hardly get sleep, let alone give proper care and time to my boys who mean the world to me 😔 What’s the point of doing this for them when I’m not even there for them, right?

With that, I have made the difficult yet necessary decision to stop taking orders on all platforms, earlier than intended and apologise for any shortcomings. All existing orders will be fulfilled before I take a proper leave from TD.

It’s been a really good year and I’m thankful to have ‘met’ customers who some are now like friends. If it’s meant to be, TD will be back but for now, I wish you a blessed upcoming Ramadan and Eid ❤️

#TDislamic • Hijaiyah in a boy-friendly colour scheme

Size: A3, Type: Canvas

#TDislamic • Order request - Al-Baqarah 2:255/Ayatul Kursi with Malay translation paired with black/white sketchy circles design

Size: A2, Type: Canvas

#TDnursery • Siblings’ birth details in matching pastels - Forest Animals and Race Cars design

Size: A3, Type: Canvas

#TDislamic • Order request - Asmaul Husna in Rumi and English paired with dark wood background

Size: A3, Type: Canvas

#Repost @swing_by_suhaim with @get_repost
Where did our greeting “Salam” comes from? Here’s a beautiful read of how the greeting originated. ———-
Prophet Muhammad SAW informs us, as recorded in Mishkat, when the breath in Adam’s AS body was complete, he sneezed and by divine inspiration he said, “Alhamdu lil Lahi Rabbil Alamin (All praise is for Allah, Lord of the worlds), words which became the opening verses of the Holy Qur’an. Thus Adam AS praised Allah by His own permission. And Allah replied to him, “Yarhamak-Allah, Adam (may Allah have mercy on you).” The Prophet SAW further said that when Allah created Adam, He to him, “Go and greet that group of seated angels and then listen to what they will greet you with, for that will be your greeting and the greeting of your descendants.” So Adam said to the angels, “As-salamu ‘alaikum (peace be upon you all),” to which they replied, “As-salamu ‘alaika wa rahmat-Allah (peace be upon you, and Allah’s mercy).” (Bukhari) (Adapted from Hadith of the day) .
MashaAllah, how meaningful ❤️ the first man & salam..❤️ If you need these ‘salam’ canvas pieces for your homes, rooms & offices, they are readily available in our stores and web. Come walk in, See ya 💜

#TDislamic • Order request - ‘Bismillah (Three Ways)’ paired with monstera silhouette design to match the existing du’a makan pair

Size: A3, Type: Canvas

#TDislamic • Order request - Another black/white/gold Allah SWT|Muhammad SAW in square format 🔲

Size: 40x40cm, Type: Canvas (Coated)

#TDislamic • Pair of Allah SWT|Muhammad SAW in grayscale tropical leaves + silhouette design

Size: A2, Type: Canvas

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