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Mom & 2 Cubs Store 🐻🐻  Mama & wee boy threads.πŸ’™1st email claims. PP preferred. US only😘 COMING SOON is our new line of rad baby tees! Personal: @mrsdowntownjuliebrown 🐻

My super talented friend Laura gave me the technicolor hair of my dreams today! I am smitten! Sadly it won't last long since it's only temporary, but she highlighted and toned my hair beneath it to a gorgeous platinum ice-blonde! As it fades away in the next couple weeks it's supposed to turn into a beautiful pastel lavender very much like Nicole Richie's pastel locks! Wee! πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Boo! All paid invoices are being shipped today. I still have lots of great stuff available for mamas and babes. Items bought today will ship today with the rest, so check it out! I also do trades with trusted shops and give discounts on bundles. So good it's..spooky! πŸ‚πŸ’€πŸ‚

Ah! I forgot to post these earlier with the kid stuff. Super cool H&M sweats. I have seen a few ISOs for these, so if you need size 3-4yrs you're in luck! Only worn a couple times so they're in perfect condition. $15 shipped! (I don't like jacking prices on sold out ISOs 😊) It's less than I paid for them at our H&M store. Yay for good deals!

Here's a pic of me wearing the high waist bellbottom jeans that I just posted. It's an older pic, but the jeans haven't changed! @thriftyp31 πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

A few of you have been waiting so patiently for me to let these go. The day is now here, ladies! Lol. High waisted bellbottom boho jeans. Size 24. $14 shipped!

Lucky brand dark wash jeans. Size 24. $15 shipped.

Well hellooo lover! Red hot bodysuit with a little cleavage hole (most likely not their technical name lol) in the front. Size S. $10 shipped.

Vintage Izod Lacoste cardigan with it's signature alligator on the front. This is labeled a men's large, which it would fit, but I've been wearing it as an oversized slouchy cardigan since they are so in right now. This is truly a vintage gem. $20 shipped.

If you were a teen in the 90's.. 😊 Crop top with the ever famous line sung by the now deceased Britney Murphy. Size S. $10 shipped.

Custom distressed RHCP crop top. Size S. $12 shipped.

Custom distressed/studded Mickey Mouse tee. Size S. $9 shipped.

Vintagey black Lolita dress with lace and ruffles. It has invisible belt loops in case you'd like to accessorize it with a skinny belt. This dress is perfection with knee highs and Mary Janes! Size S. $12 shipped.

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