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TWMX Race Series  The premier motocross racing series of the West Coast. The best tracks, the most efficient race schedule and the fastest racers... Come race with us!

@thomasdunn_72 was chosen for the "SPY Breakaway Rider" award at round four of the Terra Firma Series after overcoming a nasty crash in practice. For more action from @glenhelenraceway, head over to | #twmx #twmxrs #neken #terrafirmaseries | PHOTO: @air_d617 | @spyoptic @twmxdotcom @bell_powersports @yamahamotorusa @odigrips @matrixconcepts @mtadistributing @spectrooils @actionsportscanopies @raceawards @boyesenfactoryracing

Now that was some good racing! Thanks to all who joined us today @glenhelenraceway for round four of the Terra Firma Series, presented by SPY, and don't forget to stay tuned to for coverage from the penultimate round. | #twmx #twmxrs #neken #terrafirmaseries | PHOTO: @air_d617 | @spyoptic @twmxdotcom @bell_powersports @yamahamotorusa @odigrips @matrixconcepts @mtadistributing @spectrooils @actionsportscanopies @raceawards @boyesenfactoryracing

Its going to be a beautiful day of racing here @glenhelenraceway for round 4 of the Terra Firma Series by @spyoptic . Track looks super dialed and registration is open!#twmx #twmxrs #neken #terrafirmaseries |@spyoptic @twmxdotcom @bell_powersports @yamahamotorusa @odigrips @matrixconcepts @mtadistributing @spectrooils @actionsportscanopies @raceawards @boyesenfactoryracing

Round four of the TWMXRS Terra Firma Series is set to tske place tomorrow @glenhelenraceway. Pre-registration will open tomorrow morning at 6:30AM with practice on both racetracks commencing at 8AM. | #twmx #twmxrs #neken #terrafirmaseries | RIDER: @dylan_merriam | PHOTO: @air_d617 | @spyoptic @twmxdotcom @bell_powersports @yamahamotorusa @odigrips @matrixconcepts @mtadistributing @spectrooils @actionsportscanopies @raceawards @boyesenfactoryracing

Round four of the Terra Firma Series is right around the corner, and we're taking over @glenhelenraceway! Join us this Sunday for some gate-drops, and if you plan on getting in a little bit of practice on Saturday don't forget that the Expert track is open from 8AM-2PM, while the Amateur track hosts open practice from 3PM-5PM for free with paid admission. For more information, as well as pre-registration for Sunday's race head over to | #twmx #twmxrs #neken #terrafirmaseries | RIDER: @36_kalaitzian PHOTO: @air_d617 | @spyoptic @twmxdotcom @bell_powersports @yamahamotorusa @odigrips @matrixconcepts @mtadistributing @spectrooils @actionsportscanopies @raceawards @boyesenfactoryracing

It's been nearly three and a half months since we last visited @glenhelenraceway for some gate-drops, but we're headed back this Sunday for round four of the Terra Firma Series, presented by SPY! Pre-registration is open at | #twmx #twmxrs #neken #terrafirmaseries | PHOTO: @air_d617 | @spyoptic @twmxdotcom @bell_powersports @yamahamotorusa @odigrips @matrixconcepts @mtadistributing @spectrooils @actionsportscanopies @raceawards @boyesenfactoryracing

Young shredder @yoder508 was haulin' @perrismx2! The @orangebrigade rider racked up four moto wins for overall victories in Open 85-150F Supermini and 12-13yrs 85/150F. | #twmx #twmxrs #neken #terrafirmaseries | PHOTO: @air_d617 | @spyoptic @twmxdotcom @bell_powersports @yamahamotorusa @odigrips @matrixconcepts @mtadistributing @spectrooils @actionsportscanopies @raceawards @boyesenfactoryracing

The race report and photos from round three of the Terra Firma Series is live! Head over to to check out all of the action from @perrismx2. | #twmx #twmxrs #neken #terrafirmaseries | RIDER: @chicken13little | PHOTO: @air_d617 | @spyoptic @twmxdotcom @bell_powersports @yamahamotorusa @odigrips @matrixconcepts @mtadistributing @spectrooils @actionsportscanopies @raceawards @boyesenfactoryracing

Round three is in the books! Thanks to everyone that joined us today @perrismx2 for another exciting weekend of racing, and stay tuned to for more from the third stop of the Terra Firma Series. | #twmx #twmxrs #neken #terrafirmaseries | PHOTO: @air_d617 | @spyoptic @twmxdotcom @bell_powersports @yamahamotorusa @odigrips @matrixconcepts @mtadistributing @spectrooils @actionsportscanopies @raceawards @boyesenfactoryracing

We look forward to seeing you all again this Sunday for another exciting day of racing, as round three of the Terra Firma Series takes over @perrismx2 . Also, stay tuned to for a preview of this weekend's racetrack. | #twmx #twmxrs #neken #terrafirmaseries | RIDER: @stilez325 | PHOTO: @_chase_curtis | @spyoptic @twmxdotcom @bell_powersports @yamahamotorusa @odigrips @matrixconcepts @mtadistributing @spectrooils @actionsportscanopies @raceawards @boyesenfactoryracing

The 2018 Honda CRF250R is all new! Twin headers, electric start and a twin-cam head. Full details are on! | #twmx #twmxrs #2018CRF250R

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