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Question: my trainer took a fall and is laid up for a couple weeks, so I wanted to get him like a horse book. So do you guys know of any adult horse books to get? (He already has the George Morris book) ((he's a hunter/eq guy))

Sorry that I've been gone for so long. I got back from nationals a few days ago, and my coach took away our phones during the tournament

I was on a mission trip for 1 week and we couldn't take phones so sorry for lack of posts. Here's a random one I found in my photo library

Have any of you taken the Spanish CLEP? I finished Spanish 4 and want to take the test for credit. But idk how to sign up. Through college board the only option I get is the test for "Spanish 1 and 2". I'm pretty sure that's the only Spanish test available so I guess that's the one I have to sign up for??


Actually gonna be me cause I haven't ridden my horse all winter

Comment your favorite pair of practice breeches

What's your honest opinion/personal experience with Parlanti tall boots? I need help making a decision. Update: Should I spend the money on Parlanti or Tucci tall boots? I love Parlanti, but I don't want to spend the money for them not to last

I think she is 100% right

So I guess you can't wear a crop top to Disney World because they won't let you inside the venue if you do ?¿ Since I'm going to Disney and Universal in like two weeks because I'll have a tournament, I watched a video on weird rules and that one came up. Can someone tell me if this is actually a thing or not?😂

Story time ok so my main trainer lives 6.5 hours away and he could only give me a lesson at 11:00 cause he had to leave for somewhere by 12:00. I couldn't go to my trainer yesterday cause I had a track meet and then a birthday party for my grandpa (he's 90 now!!). So my mom and I left at 4:30am. Welllll 45 minutes into our trip we nail a deer and it destroyed the front end of our car and it's most definitely totaled (my mom and I are ok the car completely absorbed the shock). So it's 5:15am and my dad has to get up and pick us up and take up home. Once we get home we re organize the truck my dad picked us up in and head back to the trainer 2.5 hours later than planed 🙃🙃🙃 I can't get a lesson anymore but I still get to hack my horse which is good. (My horse is fairly new for me so he's living with the trainer so we weren't like pulling a trailer or anything). Beyond excited to ride tho I haven't ridden my horse in a month -Erin

Anyone else at the MI team state track meet? -Erin

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