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Losing more followers than gaining 💯💯💯

Comment your favorite candy. I'm planning a party and need some candy suggestions. You guys should also go check out My horse absolutely adores the palmiers!

Since I just took my first exam today. If this isn't me when I get my grades back, then I'll be surprised. I'm normally very stressed about exams, but I'm calm this time, which is stressing me out so

Sorry, I couldn't help myself😂 People want me to take pictures of them at a show this weekend. Is it reasonable for me to charge them like $10-$20 for all of the pictures I get of them?

You guysss I don't think this was meant to be that funny but it's too relatable 😂😭 (sorry not sorry for the double post)

The second pic is adorable and the third is my favorite spongebob meme

Thank you to all who answered my question about the half pad. I just wanted to get a general consensus of what you guys thought

I have a bunch of horse related items that I want to sell, but I have no idea how to go about doing it. Should I do Ebay? Or post about it on social media? I don't know. What should I do? Update: Should I make a sale account for all the stuff I have?

Update on Lord of the Flies: I knew exactly what everything meant and all the "hidden" meanings, but now I'm not so sure anymore

I should be doing homework right now

I'll follow you guys and like some pics if you click on the link in my bio and vote for Suenomi!

Has anybody read Lord of the Flies for school? If so, how was it? I just started it

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