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I've asked like 500 times before, but tell me again, favorite brands for breeches? I need another comfy pair to hack in. And maybe have as an extra pair of show pants.

This morning at cross camp half of us did the optional run and on the run our coach got us lost and a 4 mile run turned into a 7.5 mile hike

Sorry I haven't posted in so long! I just recently found out that I have a rare disease and a few other medical issues, so I've been really busy

I made a tack trunk in woods class like 1.5 years ago and I'm really proud of it but it's like 2x the size of normal tack boxes and super heavy so it is just sitting in the corner of my living room not being used.

Comment your unpopular opinion
Mine: jeans are more comfortable than leggings

Update on my Teen Wolf obsession: My reaction was the same as Stiles when I saw Derek on the FBI tv, but like, why is he up for mass murder?¿

Teen Wolf starts in like t minus 28 minutes. I'm so excited
Also look at the post before this if you're interested in doing a clinic in Michigan with an Olympian!! -
lol sorry Jayla for adding to your post -Erin

SWIPE if you're interested in a Chris Kappler clinic in Lowell, Michigan!! (Sorta in west Michigan). None of the groups are totally filled up yet so it's not too late. It's going to be a amazing 3 days with a great rider! DM me for the organizers # and/or email for any questions or to reserve a spot :)

What year was your most emo year?
Mine would have to be sophomore year cause I went to a Fall Out Boy concert and listened to music like twenty one pilots sooo 😂

Caution ⚠️- second slide swears! But first slide is me tbh

Haha comment the dumbest thing your horse has spooked at ⬇️

What are some good mane and tail brushes that don't rip out a lot of hair?

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