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Anyone want to sponsor (me) a little girl (me) with one junior year left (me) and just wants to qualify for Maclay finals (me)
QOTD- if you could have one company sponsor you, who would you chose? I'd choose Parlanti

What is a good quality custom tall boot for a reasonable price? (For the hunters and eq)I have a hole growing in my pair now and I need to get new ones. I have la munidals but they're not in business anymore so 😅

Decided with the help of a friend that I'm dressing my horse up as Ash Ketchum from Pokémon, and I'm going to be Pikachu. Now onto convincing my mom to spend the money on costume supplies. Anybody know where I can get a cheap red fly bonnet from?

I would be doing homework before I leave for my XC meet but instead I've been on my phone oops

Does anybody know what websites are good for DSLR camera and equipment rentals? I want to try a few lenses before I invest in them

Teen Wolf ended on Sunday, and I'm still crying about it

Hey y'all! Does anyone have a picture of the course from Maclay Regionals that they can DM to me? (From any region)

Sorry for not posting for so long. I've been dealing with a lot, but finally got my medical issues figured out. I'm scheduled to have surgery in December, so hopefully I stay healthy until my operation and from then on. Haven't ridden in like ten years because of everything, but hopefully we'll get back to that soon!

I can't ride today cause the heat index is 95° and me nor the pon is use to this weather 😭

Brag about yourself in the comment section!! Have fun making yourself sound like the best without having to worry about being judged for being snotty!

What are websites one can use to watch live streams of USEF stuff (or other hunter jumper events) other than usefnetwork and eqsports.net? (Also sorry not sorry for the double post)

Tell me a weird encounter you had with someone who is not educated about horses talking about horses

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