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Michelle  Fiddle sticks

A flock of birds land on a leafless tree on a cold winter day. Music to my ears. #winterblues #birdsong #february

#hoarfrostbeauty even on a fence is amazing

The fog is thick today. It's like a chilled blanket on a prickly canvas. #edmonton #yeg #fog

This was the best day of my life. The day that I married you. We climbed this mountain right after. I could not wait to jump out of my dress into my hiking gear. #justmarried #waterton #Ilovethisguy

#imissyou dearest grampa, there isn't a day where I don't think about you. Today was like any other except you aren't in it.

#yoga and my new mat by #gaiam I love it

I have this eerie feeling that I'm being watched. #yorkie #yorkielove #ilovemydog

We buried you today. We used to enjoy eggs every morning and you would wait for me to boil you one before you would eat anything else. It made me happy peeling them, adding salt and pepper and seeing the smile on your face when you would eat it. Today I made you your last egg and wrapped it in red, alongside a note that said that I love you and thankyou for being my grandpa. Tucked it away so no one would see. It's our secret. #restinpeace #iloveyougrandpa

I took this picture of my grampa in his favourite place in the whole world. It was a beautiful summer day and he just appeared in the doorway as I was taking pictures of all his stuff. I'm sure he's in a garage in heaven as we speak drilling or mending something. #imissyougrandpa #Godspeed

I chased this little bird all around this tree trying to take her picture. Finally! #ilovebirds #birdy

The funniest picture ever. It's OK to be grumpy at 100. Frankly you can be however you want. I'll be fine with that and love you even more. #grandparents #grandpa #grandma #century #greyhairs

Sometimes the brightness of a simple object on the dreariest of days makes me happy. #birdseed #autumn