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Dope shot by @tsblahr ft. Matte Blue AF TM24 Pro



Photo by @vapechick49ers

These are a few of my favorite things 🎢
For the best wire EVER @twistedmesses_com πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ» eclipse cap! wooooohooooooo! #TEAMtwistedmesses

Photo/Coils by @t.coils

Ultem chamber reducer in the spotlights πŸ‘οΈ
Tm24pro rda @twistedmesses


Photo by @prescription.coils -Eclipse cap-
-TM Pro 24 matte blue-
This RDA was modeled, tested and redesigned countless times. From the custom packaging, post engravings to the top-cap fitment, careful attention to detail was put into this product and we think you’ll notice.


Photo by @mind_dream ft. Matte Blue AF TM24 Pro πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


Photo by @thesevendays

When life gives you lemons, you better paint that shit gold. πŸ’°
@twistedmesses .
πŸ“Έ: @thesevendays .

#TwistedMesses #TEAMtwistedmesses

Build/Photo by @mr_warace ft that Matte Blue TM24 Pro-Series that a bunch of people will be enjoying next week.

Love you guys!

Matte Blue TM24 Pro at ridiculous pricing today. We concentrated our black Friday discount on one item. Go check it out, direct link in @twistedmesses_com bio

Tag 3 people below who might be interested in this sale for a chance to get a free RDA!

@roecker83 was chosen randomly from the comments below. Please shoot us a DM with your address info!


photo/coils by @mr_warace
Am I the only person working today?

Team @coilgoons

#blue #twistedmesses #coilporn #cleanbuilds #masterbuilder

Photo/Caption by @nesquibel

The Eclipse caps for the TM24 Pro are perfect. Functional and sexy at the same time, like a SpacedCoils beard in the frigid Canadian wilderness.
Coils from @Jewbsterbuilds.

Build/Photo by @vapingelevatorguy πŸ‘ˆ check out his feed, mind-blowing

Ft. TM24 Pro RDA

Photo/Build by @manipulated_metals

Sometimes Simplicity is the key!. Framed staple claptons in the Matte GoldAF #TM2 from @twistedmesses

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