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Grey's Anatomy  ❝even if something seems like it can’t be fixed, it doesn’t mean it’s broken.❞ -a.k

the best ship (PLOT TWIST) ❤️| no angels

poor april & arizona 😭

amelia is a secret merlex shipper

the jolex wedding was cute 💞 i’m back & posting edits! sorry for being gone so long!

i’m honestly completely lost for words. i’m confused, hurt & very disappointed in the show i once called my everything. read what i have to say about it on my insta story if you want, but this post is a little something for @thesarahdrew and @jessicacapshaw we love you so much ❤️💞

sorry i havent posted in ages, i’ve just been really busy 😂💞

look how happy she was when cristina called 😭

poor jo 😭

how did you guys like the winter finale? ❄️

happy halloween!! 🎃👻
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me when I decide to try to order off the menu at starbucks 😂

hallelujah, merthan is dead 🎉☠️

this scene freaked me out.
how is everyone’s weekend?

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