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Have a HaPPy Day!! Being happy does not wait for a perfect life for our lives always have challenge and difficulty.
1) Show up Now which the time always is, to notice each small moment allowing yourself gratefulness for it. Don’t wait. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you.
2) Create happiness with your present ness in daily small moments. Expect happiness - even simple actions saying and saying out loud, with some passion and conviction, “Today is going to be a great day!!” makes me feel better and more optimistic than waking up thinking “what a shitty day, this all sucks”. What we see does not change until our perspective of it does. And then our attitude and words and actions make happy moments or break them.
3) Be the Dog. Look at their ready happiness and how contagious that is to those they bless with their presence. Often, we reciprocate kindness and love back to them. Attract what you project.
Win even some moments in this day, in which you free yourself to turn your light on permitting you to notice the good in your day, create happy emotions and show up more positive of good energy to invite others to give the same to you. Be open to happiness.

Don’t obsess too long looking back on the closed doors. You’ll miss new windows opening to a beautiful view.
What you may notice is actually your present, surrounded by new beauty.

Or perhaps it is a vision, to new paths you are invited to experience.
Whatever the day, try your best to be open to life.
These caught my attention in Mexico - I love their design, the light they allow in and the beautiful view they offer.

#beautyiseverywhere #beautifulview #windows #life #moveforward #beopen #beopentolife #mexico #art #spanishdesign #goodvibes

Your situation may not be ideal.
Yet your mindset can be ideal.
That gives you something you own. And is the key to unlocking change of your circumstances. Whether you improve them, distance from them, or accept them with new perspective, your mindset precedes your new reality. The world will indeed shape itself to your attitude, as will your words and your actions which determine your future.
#mindset #attitude #changes #improve #growth #appreciation #grateful #positive #optimistic #goodday #winterplayground

Notice it doesn’t say “toned” on the wall.

I have two daughters. My mentoring of aspirational goals for them did not include toning. Nor for our clients.
Words matter. We encourage “strong & powerful”. Body, ability, character.
Of course this is the psychology of coaching and personal empowerment. Strength training increases muscle decreases fat and exceeds all client ‘appearance goals’. Yet what they train for and who they become, is anchored to
the influence of key words, the culture of the environment, the goals they adopt and the programs designed to achieve them.
One core exercise we’ve done for 20 years is a kneeling ball roll out - hands atop the ball - spelling letters comprising key words - this moves the ball to demand greater core stabilization. We’ll often choose “power” or “strength” or “build muscle”, never “tone” or “diet” or “become less”. Young girls - aspirations are everything.
Strength - inside & out.
Body image - strong muscles.
Powerful - body & mind.
Ability - confident.
Better - every day.

Got his game face on.
Clearly a warm up load tho.

#legday #quads #glutes #everydayislegday #husky #wolfdog #getitdone #twistperformance #petertwist


Together Everyone Achieves More
In Japan elevating coaches to elevate their abilities to elevate others. Create mutual wins.

Helping someone else be successful and helping another feel good and be happier never diminishes the light in you. Sincerely cheering for someone, boosting them up and pulling them up, always grows the light inside you brighter and elevates your own energy - and stature.
To facilitate one’s own growth away from the cesspools of jealousy, belittling, malicious detraction, office politics and negative gossip, far onwards and upwards to a positive self-culture, lead always in thought words and actions to encourage, mentor, teach, cheer and celebrate others for their own ascent.
This always represents your confidence, kindness and graciousness - and you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by likeminded people. Rise together.
#risetogether #elevate #boostup #teach #share #mentor #cheer #celebrate #coach #support #encourage #positiveimpact #selfculture #createagreatday

Train after they shut the lights off.

The champions are willing to do what it takes, at times others are not willing to do anything.
To first catch up and even be able to compete.
Then striving for more improvement, until they win.
And strive to distance oneself from the pack.
Show up early, stay late, do the extra.
Go train when no one knows, no one’s asked - beyond what is required by your coach, your team, your teacher. Beyond what is needed to get thru, beyond average and onwards to Your Best.
Do the extra.
Do it quietly. You are a champion in waiting. Waiting for the extra diligence you will carry as quiet price - because only you will know of your full commitment - training when no one is around, when no one knows.
When you find yourself alone, putting in the extra work, your motivations are proved strong and sincere and you pursue your goals with highest honor.
#training #extra #dotheextra #champions #howchampionsaremade #workout #practice #extraefforts #quietpride #wintheday #stronger #better #strive #twistperformance

A plant-centric diet is so easy. You can mix and match to make a nutrient dense base - make a pile - and the more variety the better. Eat as is or add rice, quinoa, pasta. We’ll even add ground beef - but if we do it’s always organic never industrialized factory farmed meat. Eat well to live great!!
There is nothing cool about eating shit and feeling shit. The role of food is to sustain health, feel great and fuel a high quality and adventurous life!
#foodfuel #healthylifestyle #feelgreat #movewell #lookgreat #thinkclear #bepeaceful #performbest #qualitylifestyle

Feel fully to draw upon your challenges - past or present - to fuel up and feed the engine inside of you - physically and mentally. Train up so u can dig deep!

Rainy Friday night at the track. Sprint repeats. Exuberantly happy and grateful to be able to gallop.
And it’s always uplifting and confidence building when we demonstrate we are willing to.
Training to the motivation of Creed’s Overcome. Video to follow, coaching you UP!

#track #sprint #endurance #move #sweat #fitness #strength #mindset #character #resiliency #overcome #fridaynight #fridaynights #rainynight #twistperformance #petertwist

Did you love playing horseshoes type toss games in your youth? Hockey fans will love this Sauce Toss APP and the scoring with miniature nets, which you can also purchase to play for real - anywhere - backyard, beach, tailgate parties... anywhere - very social fun. Just downloaded this. Let the international Sauce Toss games begin!! :-) For the non-hockey people, a Saucer pass is an artful feather touch of the puck to rotate it off the hockey stick, flying through the air level, over opponents sticks to land flat on the ice to your teammate.

#hockey #icehockey #horseshoes #saucetoss #fungame #fungames #practicepracticepractice #feathertouch

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