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Dov & Nicole  Public Figure, Consciousness Mentor, Energy Healer, MC, Motivational speaker, Soul-Realignment Practitioner


Judgement alone keeps us perpetuating behaviors we are trying to release. The pressure from judgement leaves us void of the space and the air to make a change to be more of who we truly are. Our best changes the more we align with our divine. So instead of measuring your best, why not allow yourself to just BE. When you do this you will then be able to see you and also what is not you! When you are you - you are your best! We love you! #love #best #yourbest #peace

You awaken every part of me. The parts of me that are dormant from all these years of suppression you have unlocked. You give me hope when I lose sight of my purpose. You hold me when I can’t fully stand on my two feet. You are there beside me through every sacred initiation i take. You were there when everyone else gave up on me. You are my love, my best friend and my Flame. Thank you @dov_ism for being in this life with me. Your biggest fan Nicole. #ascension #love #twinflamerevolution #revolution photo by @jess_fleurent

Yes! Another NEW VIDEO live!!!! False Twin or Twin Flame??? Connect to your heart. Tune in for our view! #twinflame #falsetwins #love #union #acceptance #gratitude #heartcenter #unconditionallove

Twin Flames creating an unconditional love revolution. NEW LOGO #twinflamerevolution #newlogo #love #galacticconnection logo created by the best @corpimg

Do you know what this means?????? NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO!!!! 💥✨💥Twin Flame Message for 2018 🔮#conciousness #christenergy #ascension #love

Consistency doesn’t mean perfection. It’s simply means that after you fall on your face you get back up. It means that after you take a break you continue on. It means that even if you feel hopeless that you find that part of you that can muster up a grain of sand of trust. It means that you will look inside to see what you need. It means if you need help you will ask for it. It means that if something feels super right yet you are scared you do it anyways. It means that if something feels super wrong that you can and will say “fuck no” to it. It means that all that you do is simply an experience and no one is grading your every step so stop 🛑 judging yourself. It means that YOU CAN. YES YOU CAN. You .... will. You will do it. #ipromise #doit #consistency #hope

*WARNING* HUMOR and EXPlCIT LANGUAGE! We often discuss the desire to grow and ascend! What we don’t discuss is the painful, ego and programmed reality shattering process that is involved with coming back to our true center and Christ consciousness. In the meantime, don’t forget to laugh, be multidimensional, imperfect and don’t take yourself too seriously. Happy Sunday! We hope this brings you some joy! #2018joy #humor #sunday #ascension

When I saw this I thought of my love, my twin and my heart. I then thought of myself. If we don’t choose ourselves, advocate for ourselves and become our biggest cheerleader, why would another? If we want to be able experience and receive love, then let us choose ourselves! #chooseyourself #selflove #love #union #marriage #connection #sacredconnection

You looked gorgeous under that full moon. What a birthday 🎂!!! My fav one yet!!!! #thankyou #unconditionallove #twinsouls #union

2017 this was our top nine baby!!!!! Wooooo!!! We are soooo grateful for all of you that support us. You have no idea just how much inspiration you give us. Some days it’s your beautiful messages and love that truly light the way through the shadows. You teach us so much about who we are and why we are here. We pray that 2018 is a year where you express more of YOU. Light it up family. We love you infinitely. #weareinfinite #love #2018 #herewego

Dear Dov,
I was walking this morning and i saw the heart on the tree and i thought of my love for you and our life and our mission and our purpose and our ups and our downs and our rounds and rounds and damn baby we look mighty friggin sexy doing it all wooooo!!!! Looking finer with age!
But i wanted to wish us a happy anniversary and happy new year. 🎆🎈🎊 There is no other human that could have held space for my fucking huge spirit - NO ONE!!!! I honor the Divine Feminine you House - one full of class, unconditional love, integrity, beauty, intuition, sexy af, funny af, gorgeous af and a heart that beats soooo loud for this world! I’m so proud to call you my wife
I wanted to thank you for your service in uplifting the human spirit. I wanted to tell you i Iove watching you connect to ALL KNOWING and then translating it for so many people and watching those people find themselves as you are finding you.
I wanted to thank you for your humbleness and your dedication to our mission here. I love you more then the moon loves the stars! Xo
Deepest truest love,

Happy Anniversary my gorgeous DF! 6 years ago i woke up and married my wife! This year will be a decade together. But i can still remember the 2 years before it all. When we were best friends. When we only emailed and texted for over a year getting to know each other. Realizing we could never be away from each other. Authenticity like wow wow wow! Coming into union fully vulnerable. I love you more then i can explain Dov! I thank you for all the times you literally brought me back to life! I love you sooo much. No regrats lol not even one little letter!!!!! #noregrets #love #union #twinflamerevolution

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