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Tori Wiget  Freelance Hairdresser // married to @godsteethandme, mama to Esmé Davi and a sweet pup, Hemingway Nashville, TN

This kid. Lately she's SO resistant to sleep, especially at bedtime and I'm so frustrated. Especially because she was falling asleep almost on her own last month. But next week I'm sure it will be different again (seems to be how it goes here). For now, I'm looking at this ridiculously adorable picture of her from last week, when she insisted on wearing this hat (and scarf?) from her Grandpa @barneywiget first thing in the morning. I'm telling ya, this kid. 😍 #esmédavi #mysweetbabygirl #shedoeswhatshewants #goofball #latergram

Two really special moments at Caffe Pergolesi for me and Luke. The first photo was the last time we were there, on Christmas Eve, showing Esmé where "all the things happened." The second photo was twelve years ago: January 8, 2005. Luke and I had just gotten married and decided to stop in for a cuppa en route to our honeymoon. In typical Pergs fashion, the clientele were completely non-plussed by my ridiculous ball gown and Luke's suit. If you're still in CA and can make it out to Santa Cruz before their closing day (August 26th) please go for me. If I could have found a cheap enough flight from Nashville, I'd have flown home for the last day. #santacruzoriginal #endofanera #thePerg #caffepergolesi

Attempting a car nap since that's what Esmé is up to right now. #likedaughterlikemother #seewhatididthere

Food flinger. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ #esmédavi #pasketti

The world's cutest breakfast date wants more juice. #esmédavi #lettingdadasleepin

The sadness of digging through my photos after hearing about the fate of Caffe Pergolesi yielded some happy memories too. And not all of them were Perg's related. Here is a super old photo of me and my adorable cousin @taylaagalbaugh (can you tell she was my haircolor inspo for the 5 years I was red?) Even though I'm pretty sure this was the last time we saw each other in person, I'm grateful for this silly little app so I can keep up with this sweet girl a little. #fbf #cousins #family #dontmindmyhair #weallmademistakes #late90s

More #caffepergolesi memories. The most fun NYE ever. #theperg

Oh, Pergolesi. I spent most of college and my early years of dating Luke here (2000-2003), we dragged our friends here, we made new friends here, I worked here during cosmetology school (2006-2007) and exercised a severe lack of judgment in regards to my fashion choices here. I have so many more photos that I can't find in the attic but here are a few random ones. I can't believe it won't be there next time we go visit family in Santa Cruz. Goodbye, Pergs. You were a pretty special place. #caffepergolesi #theperg #santacruz #💔

Tourist-ing at the Bluebird with my bubba.

Post hike snacks with Uncle Jeremy. #esmédavi #radnor #getoutside

From my stories today...I love taking her to parks and letting her wander. (Also, the way she runs! 😍😍😍) #esmédavi #sundayfunday

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