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Tori Wiget  Hairdresser // married to @godsteethandme, SAHM to Esmé Davi and a sweet pup, Hemingway Nashville, TN

Thanks for the stealthy photo of my favorite humans @hannasusj // Luke took Esmé to a @porchtn reading last night while I made some new friends at a mom-gathering last night. Tennessee is being really good to us right now.

We love bath time. #esmédavi #rubadubdub

I think this means we're winning at this whole parenting thing.

Someone got her first haircut tonight! It was time for the mullet to go. #babybob #esmédavi #firsthaircut #mommastylist

Baby-bully. 😂#esmédavi

He played hard to get a lil' bit. 😂 Also, how beautiful is this sweater @kgmama2 knit for Esmé? 😍 #esmédavi #babybuddies #babiesandbeer

Esmé and her pal @dakotahrex today at a babies and beers hangout. Thanks for bringing your parents, little buddy!

This one keeps me going. She's just...the best. Also? We just shared an artichoke and saffron rice for lunch. She is SUCH a good eater. #esmédavi

Unless you're Native American, we are ALL descendants of immigrants. Don't forget that we are talking about fellow HUMAN BEINGS here. These are my maternal great-grandparents from Italy (and their children). My paternal great-grandfather came to the US from England in the mid-1800s. If you look back at your family history, you're probably not very far removed from your first ancestor who came to this country. Try empathy. It's a hell of a drug. #NoHateNoFear #RefugeesAreWelcomeHere #NoBanNoWall

The signs were all SO good today at our action at Senator Lamar Alexander's Nashville office today. I spoke to a retired teacher after hearing her talk to a reporter about how vouchers and charters promote segregation (that is one of my main concerns regarding Betsy DeVos' proposals) and thanked her for being willing to use her authority to speak truth to power. And then we figured out that we are both from the Central Valley. Small world people. That's why exactly why we've got to stand up and take care of it. #dontconfirmDeVos #unqualified #ourkidsdeservebetter #lamaralexander

Hey, I'm Esmé. I'll totally share this teething cracker with you. (It's a little soggy though. 😜) #esmédavi #8monthsold