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Tori Wiget  Hairdresser // married to @godsteethandme, SAHM to Esmé Davi and a sweet pup, Hemingway Nashville, TN

@staceyconant already sent me a sneak peek at what she shot today. I'm so pleased! Nashville friends, she travels so look her up! (Seriously book this girl so I can see her more often😂) // I love my sweet little family. Life has been crazy and stressful, but very good too. Luke and I just hit 18 years (!!!) together as a couple on Sunday and I can't wait for the next 18...and beyond. We have been through so much together but we keep choosing each other. That's pretty wonderful. Love you babe. #datinganniversary #family

Garden Center date. #esmédavi #momanddaughter

@staceyconant did a real nice thing for us today. #familyphotos #iwannabeaseventiesmom #esmédavi

She has been reaching for my hand lately when we walk. Not because she needs me for balance much anymore (although on this hill today, she did). I think it's because she wants me to come along and see what she's seeing. Man, this mom thing can be so cool. #esmédavi

Birthday dinner with @godsteethandme and @barneywiget at @lulunashville She was in party mode for SURE. #oneyearold #esmédavi

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl. I'm so grateful for your life and pray each day that I'll be worthy of being your mother. I love you so much. You've changed my life in the best way. #esmédavi #oneyearold

A year ago today I had red hair, bangs & a big ol' belly and was 12 days past my due date with Esmé. In the morning we had to get an ultrasound to make sure that all was well...I was not surprised when they estimated her to be 10 lbs (I was almost 10lbs at birth). She was just so darn comfortable, they scheduled an induction for the following evening. I was so desperate not to be induced medically, I asked @liz_whip for the recipe she gives overdue mamas. I never posted the pics of me taking it down, but man was it icky. (Swipe to see 😜) I went to bed, feeling frustrated and sad that I wasn't likely to have the natural birth I had envisioned for myself. Two hours later, around 11pm, I was woken up by my water breaking. (So y'all, that cocktail obviously works.) I was so happy and excited that I was finally going to get to meet our daughter. #esmédavi #birthdayeve

Story time with Grandpa. #esmédavi

Playing tour guide for Grandpa @barneywiget at The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in an outfit mama made. #esmédavi

Her little wet footprints 😍 #esmédavi

This kid...she's such a good/enthusiastic eater I thought she'd mash up her slice of cake for sure! But she was so methodical! 😂 #esmédavi #firstbirthdayparty

Pre-party swim! #esmédavi #birthdaybaby

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