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Excited to announce Martin (me) has penned a deal with his North Carolina family @mergerecords to release his up and coming music. Here is the first song, “You Want Me?” Shot and directed by @lixnlimb thanks to everyone always for your support and the people that have helped me craft something dear to my heart. Excited to show you what we have made. Much love as always x. Link in bio

Rest In Peace Spencer. Your an effortlessly cool, kind and talented man. Thanks for all the inspiration and help. Much love. Footscray Hotel 1993. 💔 #thanks

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, acting like a dickhead #surrondedbytalent

This is me in a pool at 7am. Tonight I will be playing rock n roll show fully clothed. Excited to rock out with @dankellysongs @nathanmcfarlane and matt Harkin. Really exited to see the rock of @stroppiesband gonna play a rock n roll set myself. It’s been a cold winter. We are nearly there everybody. Come have some drinks. Bands start at 8. Also I can’t swim. See you tonight xx 📸 - @arekenny

They will be performing at the tote tonight and every Tuesday for the rest of Dry??? Maybe try... very damp July. Come down see some new ones and old ones and special guests and covers and please don’t get the Galliano Sambuca down cause I don’t want to be escorted like the last front bar gig. Exciting supports. Warm front bar vibes. Much love. Hopefully give ya a squeeze xx

Playing a solo show on Sunday at @noisyritual on bass is the enigmatic @dickstagediver and ripping all sorts of filthy terrain on his sg is @dankellysongs we will be playing covers and new songs from my solo album coming out soon. Here is a photo from my photo shoot I did with @voguemagazine talking about how to dress well when you make no money from music and a lot of money from slinging fruit and vegetables in the Melbourne Music scene. We on at 4 @lostanimal_jarrodquarrell will be playing Jarrod songs at 3. Come drink the wine. Xx

To all my friends that helped, to all my friends that watched, to all my pals who laughed, to all my pals that said it’d be ok, to all my pals who wondered, to all my pals who said shall we, To all my pals who said no, to all my pals who said shut the hell up! To all my pals who said I’d love to. To all my pals. And all your pals. Thanks. 📸 - @lixnlimb

Angel took some footage of myself, @dickstagediver and @dankellysongs covering Easy Come Easy Go by Grant McLennan Thanks you for a beautiful week hopefully see you all again soon. X

When it rains, I remember the smell of the rain and old cigarettes on your leather jacket and I miss you dad. Goodnight matron, Hello Jesus

This prick will not stop. #updates #cctv

4rock shows back to back come Saturday. Hopefully you can make at least 3 of them. Playing new ones, covers, old ones and maybe duets? Who could say what will go down in this silly little game called rock. All these shows will be different no doubt about it. Show 1. Saturday 24th. Featuring @dickstagediver and @dankellysongs playing a set over dinner served by @ela_melbourne at @cams_abbotsfordconvent ...something different. Show 2. Sunday 25th On a boat for a @blackheartswine party. This is going to be wild featuring @dickstagediver @dankellysongs @daveyhellolane @mrmwilson we will be bringing all sorts of filthy rock songs to that thing we call a bay. Show 3 and 4 last but not least by any standards finally joining my dear friend @angelolsenmusic for two nights @thetotehotel. Hope you got tickets to this as these things sold out in some stupid record time. Much love. Be well xx. What ya wanna hear then?

Beautiful morning. #bullseye

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