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Kanye West on TMZ and dude checking Kanye West.. Repect my dude

Respect to Dude on TMZ for checking Kanye respectfully, P.s. King James the 1st, White on Wight European/UK slavery was a choice in North America.. But slavery by capitalization was not a choice in the Americas, The 1740 South Carolina negro slave codes Act. The year was 1740 when The Slave Codes/System made children slaves at Birth on U.K./British colonial territories and then under State laws after the newly-established emancipation age of 18. The Colonial/ State Law was aimed at the FEMALE born under the Negro status, (THE PEOPLE COMMONLY CALLED NEGROES, INDIANS, 
MULATTOES AND MUSTIZOES) Fall under the Negro Status. Which put children under contract at Birth. Which they were Registered as at the courthouse as property. Emancipation Proclamation was the notice/order law that lead up to the personal property antislavery amendment to the U.S. Constitution to ensure its ban of under the age of 18 people, From being legally bounded to a contract as an Indentured servitude/Slave in the United States as indebted property under contract. Understand law history, you will understand the problem. Understand this.. the Freeman Beurea was to correct the damage done by the S.C.1740 negro act. Which help create location like Black Wall Street and other location. 2/5 was removed from a PERSON Status under the Negro/Colored /Black/ African- American codes which includes your original/ own Surname and Nations bloodline nationality, 90% of the people under the negro status did not come to N.America on a Ship (a Cherokee is a Cherokee and is not considered an Indian. A Indian is someone who NEVER registered with any indigenous tribal Nation in N.America after the Cherokee treaty of 1791 which would have made their Nationality Cherokee. The other Tribal nation Delaware, Mohawks, Oneidas, Wyandots, Shawanees, Ottawas, Chippewas, Pattawatimas, Miamis, Eel Rivers, Weas, Kickapoos, Moor, Piankeshaws, Onondagas, Tuscaroras, Cayugas, Senekas and other N.American indigenous Nations if they registered after each U.S.A. Treaty. The PERSON would no longer be considered a Negro/ Indian, but would receive that Nation's Nationality. P.s. if you don't believe me do your research. Look it up

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The last O.G. #hilarious #classic

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