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Grace Burr  All I want is to hop into a vintage sky blue Volkswagen Van and find myself as I see what the world has to offer. 🎨 account: @crystal_ciels


The ocean made me rich.
(get it? cause sand dollars? at the beach? from the ocean? okay, I'll shut up now)

08.03.2017 - I remember fleeing to the ocean. I left in the middle of the night even before the sun came up. By the time I arrived to the pier, the sun was barely coming up and although it was beautiful...it was beautiful in such a harsh way. I didn't like the conclusion. I needed comfort. I needed quiet. I needed to be alone. I needed to pretend as if it never happened. I didn't want to believe it...but I knew I'd have to accept it at some point or another. I needed the cold ocean air to hit me hard, not only in the face but my entire body. To wake me up and accept reality.
It has been an year already, and this morning I did the same thing as I did last year, just to kind of reminisce and let reality hit me again as I go venture to the sea in the middle of the night.

Thank you for yet another beautiful /although slightly eerie/ sunset today.
Maybe this was your way of telling me that today was the day that life had decided to leave your body. But then again...it's me, I'm probably thinking into things way too much. :')

08.01.2017 - A slight /surprise/ drizzle today while I was at work, perhaps a little /yet extremely beautiful/ gift from the sky to help me get through a week which I know is going to be tough.
My stomach felt like as if it was turned inside out in the same way it did exactly one year ago when it was brought to my knowledge that /I can't use the word, for it is too straightforward/ something was happening to you. It still feels...heavy. Anxiety began kicking in when this feeling in my stomach reminded me of the same feeling from last year, but perhaps it didn't feel as scary as it did then.

Before I knew it, Spring was over and Summer was already here.

Two years ago today,

Summer Solstice got me like:

If you haven't had the chance to go see SHE KILLS MONSTERS yet, today is your last day!! Please go give this amazing cast some LOVE!!
You can find these amazing people fighting monsters and being badasses both @2PM & @8PM, in the Little Theatre of the CA building 135, at Pasadena City College.
General admission is $15, and $10 for any staff, students or seniors.

GUYS!! I just went to go watch this show last night, AND I FUCKING LOVED IT!! (Excuse my language) And yes, I know I say that often about the shows at PCC, but. REALLY. I mean it every single freaking time. Please come and support everyone who worked really hard on it, it's an amazing show and I can guarantee that you won't regret coming to watch it!!
Let me know if you're coming so we can go together, because I'll probably be at the majority of the showings.❀️

April 13th, I gave the baristas at Starbucks right by PCC some four-leaf clovers I found on campus, thanking them for their continuous hard work of providing students what they need in order to get through their day.
May 8th, they remembered me returned the favor with some simple yet extremely pleasing latte art. I was having an icky day, and this really made it better.πŸ’ž

I'm in dangerous territory when I realize that I can't get my mind off of you.

Highly in need of mental clarity.

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