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MAX KARNAGE  /G\ Freethinking Polymath. Artist, Musician, Writer, Technophile. Seeker of truth. Boricua de monte adentro. CTHC

Captain ShittyPants! #LifeHappens #41YearOldBaby

5:30 AM, wide awake. Let’s watch Inglourious Basterds!

I made these companion pieces five years apart. The top is the current Puertorican flag, although there is a debate on whether the blue on the top flag should match the bottom flag. In any case today is the 149th anniversary "El Grito de Lares" which was an attempt by Puertorican patriots to escape the clutches of the Spanish empire. Although it was unsuccessful, it is a source of great pride for many Boricuas. The top piece symbolizes our current struggles. Our current economic situation is dire and it's been made worse with these hurricanes. I wanted to post a link to a fundraiser but IG is being, well, IG! However, all you have to do is type Puerto Rico relief in your browser and you'll find plenty of legit links.

I'll burn your kingdom until the end of time!

From hell's heart I stab at thee!

Outside of having Multiple Myeloma, of which there is no cure, I also have some nerve damage to my spinal chord which has taken my ability to walk. This nerve damage is making it difficult to draw, although I might be able to do large scale paintings whenever it is that I get out of the hospital. It occurred to me that maybe I should share my GoFund link on Instagram. The link is now in my description. Any help is appreciated! Thank you. Sincerely, Emilio Viruét. #WeCanDoThis! #NoOneFIGHTSAlone #FCCancerFoundation #FxCancer #CancerWarrior

Sorry that I haven't posted anything recently, but I've been in the hospital all summer battling cancer. I now have a tremor in my drawing hand, which is how all this started. I can probably still do large scale portraits with my paints. But I'm hoping I can fix it with a silk glove. I saw a guy online that does bass lessons with silk gloves and that seemed to fix the problem. In any case here's an oldie!

My favorite song from my favorite Slayer record! I randomized the whole discography! #Slayer #SeasonsInTheAbyss #Thrash #Metal #Classic

"Portlandia reminds me of New Haven in 1996 when everyone had dreads and listened to Neurosis and Deadguy!" - Me to my boy Chauncey Fuckin' Johnson a while back. -
#Portlandia #NewHaven #1996 #Neurosis #LocustStar #ThroughSilverInBlood
#DeadGuy #FixationOnACoworker #ILoveHashtags #CitrusSap #Weed #FuckCancer #ConnecticutHardcore #ConnecticutBrotherhood #CTHC #CTBH

This is such a soothing song. Love Bebel's voice! #NowPlaying

Planning my next project. #WorkInProgress

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