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Nascar Rattlesnake  the moon is comprised entirely of human skulls

Imagine these two driving from New York to LA in that Yaris but the A/C is broken.

Yesterday my grandma turned 90. We went to Disney to celebrate. My mom choked on the steak and vomited in her napkin. Then my grandma choked on the steak and had to go to the bathroom to vomit. I don't think we'll be returning to 'ohana despite my desire to eat at a table with my vomiting family.

It's nice out.

How to escape a police car using only a zippo

Honorable mention.

I think this is Andrew Farris doing a fakie full cab whip

4AM Mardi Gras night.

I'm bored at work. Here's a picture I took of a kid riding a bicycle.

Inspirational quote. Respect given to subject in photo. Back story. .

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