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Merry Christmas Eve ! Sorry that I've been absent but I will continue to post daily :) Tag 2 friends that watch TWD !!

Mitch's death as requested by an awesome follower! ————☠————
If you would like a scene to be featured on this page be sure to comment below ! Tag 2 friends if you love TWD !!!!!!

Daryl is such a badass !
So glad that they added him as a character in the TV Series ! ————☠————
Do you want to request a scene?! Be sure to comment below of what you would like for me to post next !

The moment when Hell raised. RIP HERSHEL
Tag 2 friends that love TWD

The moment that many of us have been waiting for. Michonne got what she wanted, to kill the Governor!
Please tag 2 friends that might enjoy this !

⚠Flash Flood⚠
I really wasn't expecting this scene to happen, either way it was really surprising and well put!
Please tag 2 friends that are also fans of the walking dead !

It was really depressing for them seeing that Baby Judith was gone.
I'm taking request. If you want any scene to be shown on this page, comment below !

If you love The Walking Dead,
Please tag 2 friends ! I will be posting daily videos and taking request of what you would like to see ! It would be highly appreciated and it would be a great start for this page . 💀

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