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❤️❤️❤️  i'm human at least I was.

season five idk what ep //
#tvd #vampirediaries

Caroline's birthday. 💕
#vampirediaries #tvd

katherine. 👏👏

idk what episode this is and i'm too lazy to look it up. 💁
maybe {5x14}

I just want it to be Friday already. 😰

I think :$ QOTD; who's your otp?

tvd memorial.
sorry I have no idea what ep this is, but it's in season four. 💕

comment the name of your favourite fictional character.

Damon always has the best things to say. 💘

last interview pic for a while
Paul is just so funny, like what 😂
sorry for not posting, I was out the whole night.

Katherine's faces. 😂
tvd is on for me, byee.

more klaroline bc I'm obsessed.
how cute is klaus though, like honestly. look I'm the second picture how he is just genuinely smiling at Caroline's beauty. 💘 -
yaay, tvd is back tonight on the cw at 8/7c

Paul Wesley interview. 😍

off for the night. 👋

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