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HQ TVD Scenes  ❁Owner: Jenn β™‘ β₯❝Do you think it will hurt?❞ β₯❝I don't knβ€”βž β₯Met them on 9/22/12, 12/09/12, 12/14/13 & 12/15/13β™‘


Look at this beautiful pup! 😍 if you want more adorable pictures like this one, you should take a look at @boonetheminiaussie he's too adorable 😍❀

Hey guys! I know it's been a very, very long time since I have posted and that has caused some of you to keep trying to hack into my account and reset my password. Just letting you know that I get emails every time someone is trying to do this and I am kindly asking you to stop. I am not interesting in giving up this account, sharing it, nor shutting it down. I don't know if some day I might have the time to put work into this account again but I will always want that opportunity. Though I have not posted in a long time, this account means a lot to me and has a lot of memories posted. I see that I still have some active followers and I appreciate you so much! Thank you all for everything. Hopefully sometime soon I'll make a comeback so please, stop trying to get into my account πŸ˜… #Thankyou #Delena #tvd

[5.22] "Home" β€” this is the most heartbreaking episode. I know Damon will come back, there's no point in the show if he isn't in it, but the way he died is so emotional and I feel like I'm dying. -
#tvd #thevampirediaries #vampirediaries

[5.22] "Home" β€” The tears won't stop coming.. -

#tvd #thevampirediaries #vampirediaries

[5.22] "Home" β€” No comment. -
#tvd #vampirediaries #thevampirediaries #why

[5.21] "Promised Land" β€” I have no words right now.. -

I was so mad at the website I use for my edits because I thought they hadn't uploaded the episode until now. Apparently they did, I was just too heartbroken to notice.. -
#tvd #vampirediaries #thevampirediaries

[5.18] "Resident Evil" β€” the website that I use to make edits from the episode took FOREVER to upload it today wtf when I had so much to say 😫 just what the actual hell with this episode -
#tvd #vampirediaries #vd

[5.17] "Rescue Me" β€” I don't know about you, but I LOVE Paul's hair like that 😍 I liked them πŸ˜” - btw, WHO'S SEEN DIVERGENT?! Holy Jesus I'm so in love with that movie 😍
#tvd #thevampirediaries #vampirediaries

[5.17] "Rescue Me" β€” Would you have told him to put his clothe back on? I sure as hell wouldn't have 😏 πŸ˜‚
#tvd #thevampirediaries #vampirediaries

[5.16] "While You Were Sleeping" β€” I'm shocked that Elena didn't freak out on Damon about killing Aaron, but at the same time I love it ❀️ THAT PROMO THOUGH. AGH. Any thoughts? -
#tvd #thevampirediaries #vampirediaries #vd

[4.07] "My Brother's Keeper" β€” what a great feeling to suddenly log in and see that I've gone up by 1k! It's the fact that I've been sucking lately and can't post as much as I could before because it's my Junior year and I've been SWAMPT with work. But I always make sure to not let you guys down when it comes to #TVDThursdays. Thank you guys so much! ❀️ I'll post part II of this scene soon πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
#tvd #vampirediaries #vd #thevampirediaries

[5.15] "Gone Girl" β€” Now this was heartbreaking 😭 it was so sad seeing Nadia go. All she ever did was for her mom and she didn't even give her as much as attention as she deserved until she was dying. But she did love her. That's something that no one can deny. -
#tvd #thevampirediaries #vampirediaries #vd

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